Chari & Co Exclusive: BMW Launchpad Color Apr 7, 2010

With the constant demand for Brooklyn Machine Works Launchpads, the guys had to limit the colors they offered to red, black and raw. Usually, those are the colors most people want anyway but the guys at Chari & Co set up an exclusive color offering with BMW. For a limited time you can pick up a Launchpad in neon yellow. This is one of those colors that really “pops” during that magic hour as the sun is setting.

Looking good guys!

  • Scott

    Prolly you have a clip in here.

  • I hate things that “pop”… this frame looks good though. “Can you make that pop a little more? …we really need this to pop.” haha.

  • Wizard

    This news pleases me to no end! I am overjoyed! Not so much for the new BMW offerings at Chari & Co, but for the much grander news i read deeper in this post: that the “ironic” vernacular has finally switched from inane to straightforward. I am, of course, referring to colors once again being colors, and no longer the “ironic” and superfluous term of the garment industry: “colorway”. My day is brighter and happier, Prolly. Thank you sir.