Can You Guess the Mystery Rider? Apr 8, 2010

Who could it be? It’s not who you think it is at first glance. Check out the mystery rider below!

Yep. It’s Sean Coats blasting the wedge at the Brooklyn Banks. Kid’s got ups!

I rode at the Brooklyn Banks and other spots with Mike Dinh and Sean Coats today. These two kids are real rippers. I’ve got tons of photos and videos I’ll be editing shortly. If you’re in town tonight, swing through Peel Sessions. They’ll be there!

  • Puckett.

  • gus

    its sean coats.
    blam! wheres my prize?!

  • RyanK

    Wonka pre tats?

  • damn guys. Didn’t even look at the rest of the post? hahaha

  • RyanK

    Jajajaja this makes me feel better ab this comment –

  • would’ve helped if I would have looked at the jump before commenting. Epic Fail.

  • ben

    i’m in nyc in 15 days permanently. i haven’t been there in 10 years. can’t wait to meet and ride with you prolly.. me and my gf are bringing the cackalack love north with us…

    can’t wait for peel sessions. I’m the ONLY dedicated trick rider in charleston, and i can’t wait to live near some fellows..

  • Man…is that kid who I think it is? You guys don’t even want to know.

  • well if you do want to know sean was caught trying to smuggle e onto the plane on the way to nyc.

  • aj

    rid a bmx 15 yr old tits

  • holy crap! wtf wtf. this dude is YOUNG! damn i didnt know he ripped like that!

  • Joe

    I can’t wait for my mom to drop $$$ on my sweet fixie rig.

  • I cant believe we aren’t their with you man, tell shortest legs of them to get up with me on my level alright stay yo

  • Sean

    Hahaha, now theres a rumor at my school that I’m stuck in New York as a result of being caught smuggling e onto the plane.

    Fuck you kyle.