Burrito Project Apr 30, 2010

Burrito Project from Jon Chou on Vimeo.

Check this out. On Saturdays, a group of students help out the Santa Ana homeless population by making burritos and handing them out. Here’s what the Vimeo page has to say:

A group of college students (from UCI and UCR) giving love to the homeless out in Downtown Santa Ana, California by simply handing out burritos and having a conversation. They cook and prepare the burritos on a Saturday then the next day they drive out to Santa Ana with their bikes and ride around the city passing out burritos to the people.

Seen at Urban Velo

  • What an awesome idea!

  • dumbquestion

    if it is only 10 miles why didnt they ride there bikes?

  • I didn’t see a single bum in that video.

  • They wanted to protect their anonymity. It’s on the Vimeo page.

  • seppel

    Going bicycling with a car, that makes no sense!

  • tom

    The mean streets of Santa Ana, talk about impoverished.

  • ryan

    i like this, i like this ALOT

  • jonah

    Im not sure which was first, but there’s a burrito project in los angeles that has been going every wednesday for 4 years (i think they have missed 2 wednesdays in the last 4 years). They have 4 routes and distribute a few hundred burritos each time. pretty cool stuff