Bruce Gordon: 650b Carbon and Ti Tourer Apr 18, 2010

Frame builder Bruce Gordon ventured into the world of composites for the first time this year at the San Diego Custom Bicycle Show. With the aid of a few people, he was able to pull it together and man, does it ever look good. Rolling on 650b wheels, this tourer has all the details of Gordon’s traditional work with a modern flare. Really beautifully done.

To see the rest of the photos, head over to his Blog and his Flickr.

  • BikesMcGee

    I think the SRAM Red actually detracts from the bike. It’s like ricing out a station wagon.

  • i wanna see the rest of it

  • this is insane… a couple years ago he did a lugged ti bike, which can’t be touched still. Way out of everyone’s league!

  • doug

    That looks more randonneur than tourer.