Bishop Bikes: Nick’s City Single Speed Apr 21, 2010

You may not think this looks like anything out of the ordinary but upon closer inspection, you can really see some of the craft that Bishop Bikes puts into their work. Like Ludwig Mies van der Rohe always said “God is in the details” If there’s one thing that Bishop exemplifies in their work, it’s detailing beautifully proportioned bikes. If those detail shots left you craving more, check out the rest right here! They sure put the Charm City love into their steel!

  • Chris has a big piece on him in this weeks Baltimore City Paper. Timely press for him.

  • Very smooth ride, though I’m more of a drop bar kinda guy/gal.

    @Liam–I thought at first read that you said “Chris has a big piece of ham…” and it made me hungry!