Bike Jerks: Total Jerks Shirt Now Available Apr 21, 2010

That’s an interesting dichotomy there Jeff. You get the nicest guy in the world to model your shirt named “Total Jerks”. Kevin Sparrow ain’t no jerk! I guess it goes to prove that you don’t have to be a total jerk to wear the Total Jerks shirt. All you’ve gotta do is grab one at the Bike Jerks‘ store. $19 and Black only. You better buy it a size smaller so you can look ripped like Jeff!

By the way, Mark is now posting on the Bike Jerks Blog. Mark is the man. His bike collection is only out-shined by his music collection. The man knows his metal so pay attention to his posts!

  • This shirt rules, and so does Mark! Ha. Nice!

  • H-O

    I wonder if Mr. J. Read approves of this.