Bicycling Magazine: America’s Top 50 Bike-Friendly Cities Apr 21, 2010


Bicycling Magazine has ranked the US’s top 50 cycling-friendly cities and somehow NYC made it to the top 10. Coming in at number 8 is the city where cyclists are killed almost weekly with no charges ever filed at the driver. Remarkable. Sure, I guess bike lanes make your city friendly but I’ve ridden in some of those other cities on the list and NYC definitely doesn’t deserve a top 10 spot. One thing I will say about NYC is it’s one of the more accessible cities to explore by bike. It’s really a cyclo-tourist’s dream but the drivers, the NYPD and just about every other element is against us.

Was your city on the list?

  • is there a city where there is NOT a cyclist vs. driver/police element?

    Yes, Portland is on the list.

  • Junior

    Newark NJ? Hell no

  • chris

    Austin at #11! We are not quit ready for a top 10 slot but maybe next year??!!

  • #26, way to go boston! id say thats about accurate…

  • Eugene, Or. Hell Yes!

  • shredcitizen

    Philadelphia is #27? It should have been way higher on that list.

  • tpearl

    Unfortunately Dallas wasn’t on the list. Pfbfbtt.

    We’ll be in the top ten of the worst cities for cyclists though.

    Austin #11? That’s my favorite home away from home to ride, and it’s so much fun. I believe it should be in the top ten.

  • Sacramento shoulda been on the list- the center city gets ignored because people prefer the Sacramento stereotype. They prefer the suburban ‘valley’ dweller to the reality of our bike-friendly central city. Oh well-perception is reality. Isn’t it?

  • ben

    I’m from dallas, and you’re right… it’ll prob never be on this list.. but charleston #29? i think it might be a little low. there’s not many bike lanes, but you’re working with an area that’s been inhabited(by non-natives) for more than most of north america.. the streets here are OLD, we don’t have room for bike lanes, but the downtown area(peninsula area) is all less than 30 miles an hour for cars-most of that 20 or under. If you can’t beat a car to your destination then you really are a leisurely or completely incompetent rider. We have everything you need to live accessible in about 12 square miles…

    I think it’s pretty awesome, but I’m moving in 4 days to NYC!!!!!!

    can’t wait. fort greene brooklyn here i come.. peel sessions here i come!! can’t wait to ride with people!! there’s noone i’ve met here in two years that wants to do tricks!!

  • Jacksonville made the list of worst cities, does that count?

  • Jae

    MPLS 612 is #1 with 6 months of winter >>>

  • Hank

    I live In Minneapolis, #1!

  • Liam,

    Let’s hope that’s a new direction for the DA!

  • leonard

    Albuquerque is #17!!!

  • Tom Robinson

    Madison, WI: #7 I just moved here last year and this is the only place where I’ve never been honked at. Maybe just lucky.

    Milwaukee was #25. They mentioned the marsupial bridge as a bike friendly piece of infrastructure, but showed a photo of some little bridge in the woods at a park.

  • Cy Vance.. badass defender of cyclists. Hopefully.

  • Adrian

    NYC beat out Austin?

  • Edward Scoble

    Cyclist in NYC are killed WEEKLY?! you have to be joking, where did you find that out?

    and here’s me thinking that the London average of 15 cyclist killed a years is high (since the majority of them are HGV related).

  • Amanda

    When I first read the description, I thought it said “the city where cyclists are almost killed weekly”, not “the city where cyclists are killed almost weekly”. That’s a really scary thought.

    Yes, my city of San Francisco is on that list.

    I took a bike safety class here last year and as I recall the statistics on our bicyclist deaths here is about 2 per year (of course zero is the ideal number but 2 is still really low). Hopefully NYC can get to our level soon.

  • Ronnie

    Lol nyc that’s why on the police report last time I got hit in the witness section it was scribbled when the cops were clearly talking to six witnesses but it is pretty bike okay but we need more bike lanes especially in staten!

  • didn’t read the link yet but fuck nyc being listed as a good bike city. i would consider both manhattan and brooklyn to be insanely dangerous because of moronic drivers and peds who just don’t pay attention, and i think i’m a pretty seasoned city rider.

    sad to think that some nice people are gonna read this list and try riding on the street and get hit by a fat person in an suv not looking.