Andrew Temkin: Tony Fast’s ESB Apr 1, 2010

Photo by Andrew Temkin

Last weekend, when Tony was in town, we met up with Andrew Temkin for a few hours. It had been weeks since I’d seen Andy and with the warm weather, it felt great to hang out with him again. Dude’s been getting a lot of coverage lately; especially in the new Fixé magazine (more on that later). While we were out riding, he shot this photo of Tony Fast’s 14 Bike Co ESB. Now I know it’s not one of the typical bikes in this category but I think it’s a Beautiful Bicycle.

  • I completely agree. Ted did a great job. I can’t wait until mine gets here.

  • xhazenx

    Devan, I’m really glad you’re getting a trick frame… hahaha. The way you treat that Cinelli is terrifying. Real impressive though. Way to go.