All-Points-Bulletin: Jeff from Continuum’s Bike Stolen Apr 11, 2010


NYC. This is an All-Points-Bulletin. Find Jeff from Continuum‘s bike that was stolen tonight!

The build list is as follows:

-Black grips
-Black paul lever
-Black paul canti front brake
-Brown Fizik saddle
-Grey MOOTS TI Seatpost
-Lots of stickers on the frame
-Silver thomson stem
-Black oversize SALSA Carbon risers
-Cane creek black S-2 headset
-Black Level hubs laced to silver open pros
-Brown Fyxation tires with white walls
-Time attack clipless pedals
-Sugino 75 cranks silver
-Purple jelli bell on the bar
-and a clamp for iphone on the stem

  • j

    sorry to hear it because thats a badass bike. very recognizable so you may be in luck…

  • Ridiculously stupid. There is a VERY small number of these green frames in the city, and each build is one of a kind. This guy would be wise to just put it back. He’s definitely putting his safety at risk.

  • ctother

    Any info on how and where it got stolen?

  • austin

    Here’s the email from Jeff and Amanda:

    Jeff’s green Continuum was just stolen from outside the shop tonight at 9:40. It’s a green 2008 aluminum Continuum with a carbon Wound Up fork, Paul front cantilever brake, carbon Salsa risers, Moots seat post, and brown leather saddle. It has brown Fyxation tires on it and clipless pedals. I’m still in shock. We keep bikes outside all day long and presume that there’s an understanding between us and our neighbors. We had one incident last year where a bike that was left unlocked leaning against the fence was stolen. Even though it wasn’t locked, I was still mad. These bike owners are no longer just faceless people; they are the people right inside the store & your neighbors. A friend of ours saw the guy and recognized him from the neighborhood. He’s a short Latino guy and he rode the bike west on 13th Street. And it’s not just any bike. Jeff designed that bike and he’s customized it and dialed it in so that it fits him perfectly. It’s the first bike that he could ride again after he almost lost his leg. I’m so angry. I alternately want to beat this guy up or just cry. Anyway, for everyone who has ever been helped with their bike by Jeff, especially all the people whose bikes he’s recovered, if you can all look out for it, maybe we’ll get it back. If you have any information, please call or email us. There’s an incentive in it, too. And if you see the bike, take it back or throw your lock on it and call us!


    I also had a lavendar frame of the same make, also very unique build that was stolen from me in September…


  • Josephine

    So sorry, and man, that’s some shitty, shitty karma this person is courting. Jeff has recovered so much stolen stuff. He reversed one of the worst days I ever had by returning my stolen rear wheel a few years ago.

  • bigfin

    Was the bike ever found??