Alex Royal: Man-Handled It Apr 14, 2010

Caught this dude over at Zlog. Seems Alex Royal has been coming up through the ranks in Seattle and has been doing great at the past few Future Tenses. Nice stair gaps and clean 180’s. His bike makes a very satisfying sound when he gaps shit too. No bottoming out.

Keep it up dude!

  • danny

    As someone who often uses terms like “schralp” and “braap” I don’t usually argue over people’s use of bicycling maneuvering verbage. However, ‘bottoming out’? Ain’t no suspension fork on that jim jam.

  • I was referring to the sound of the rims bonking as they bottom out on the concrete. Watch any video where people do something big and you’ll hear it. Sounds like a gong.

  • danny

    Ah I see! Now that you explain it, that makes perfect sense.