Affinity’s New Website is Locked and Loaded Apr 14, 2010


Jason and the Affinity crew have been busy busy busy on the new website. It’s locked and loaded with a ton of content including an online store and a blog. I’ll be posting over there as often as I can, so keep watch for some new content. Also in the store is this “Don’t Steal Bikes Bro” shirt, sparked from the infamous viral video. Head over and swoop because he didn’t print a whole lot and at $20 a pop, they’ll go fast!

  • JD

    I could do that with a marker and a $1.50 t-shirt!

  • That shirt is so sick! Jason…save me a medium!

  • close, I did it with my wacom and its a 5.00 shirt. Don’t hate art bro!

  • flip

    I would have copped if the back of the don’tstealbikebro shirt had a shot of the actual video.

    Do a version 2!!

  • in the works already!

  • Is Bobe getting a cut of the tee. hehe. copyright.