Affinity in the War Zone Apr 18, 2010

Jason was telling me about this the other night. Some people say a picture is worth 1,000 words. Well, this picture is worth an essay. To find out what it’s all about, head over to the Affinity blog.

  • Young gun

    so rad

  • D

    That’s super awesome they’re hooking that guy up!

  • dag

    Fuckin’ priceless.

  • jonas normann

    That´s wild!!

  • j

    semper fi-xed

  • Ross

    I was in Iraq this last summer and would always see a bad-ass Surly 1×1 fixed out in front of the chow hall. Never saw who rode it, but it was there almost every day. He kept it clean, too.

  • charles schoen

    this is really inspiring to me. be thankful for what you got

  • I dont particularly think being part of an occupation fascist force is something that relates to cycling. Cycling to me is a form of freedom, the only thing that US forces do in Iraq is promote fascism and oppression through imperialism. Now, if some american idiot-wanker decided to get a fucking Affinity while on his break from shooting civilians, militias and sometimes women, children and bystanders is totally unacceptable and does not relate to any fixedgear international community. Prolly, wtf where you thinking? We are crowded by immigrants here in GReece just because US fancies a war to sell guns and violence and the guy rides a fixie???!!!!

    youve lost the plot altogether!

    Power to the people! Fuck american wars and yankee oppression!

  • Luke

    ..And that is what we like to call troop support.

    Just because Prolly posts a picture of a soldier with a bike doesn’t mean he supports the war. This picture merely shows solidarity with a fellow human being who has found it to be his duty to serve his country. Who knows, this guy may not even support the war; the bike just makes life a little easier.

  • andy


    You are quite right to draw into question the intent of wars conducted by the US in the name of ‘freedom, liberty, etc.’ Though I think it would be useful for you to consider the distinction between US policy / policy makers and those soldiers who are used to implement such policies. It is important to emphasize the term ‘used’ here because the agency of a soldier is undermined by military chain of command. One might argue that soldiers willfully exercise agency when enlisting. But I think it is a mistake to presume that the intent of all soldiers at the time of enlistment is as malign as you construe it. Though soldiers are, by enlarge, viewed negatively because of stereotypes, it is important to remember that selfless protection and service are commendable traits in any human being.

    That said, you should also consider the data showing high incidences of PTSD/TBI in the field. Providing a soldier a bike which could potentially ameliorate battelfield stress — the kind that leads to the abuse of military power, what you have dubbed ‘fascist imperialist idiot-wankerism’– is a brilliantly simple thing to do.
    In a word, why wouldn’t you advocate this?

  • @ andy + luke

    If Im not mistaken USArmy is a PROFESSIONAL army. It is his decision to be involved in an oppressive campaign. So that makes him RESPONSIBLE for his actions and his participation. If he has second thoughts about this war why doesn’t he quit? The guy makes a career out of violence.
    I have done my national service, and there is a big distinction between doing your so called “national duty” and being ordered to kill people in a fucking different country! Are you out of your minds? US in Iraq doesnt even have a UN backing. It is pure fascism, war for oil, just because you guys in US consume 1/2 the worlds production in oil.
    The fact that the guy needs “battlefield anti-stress” and sees that in a bike is UNACCEPTABLE. You are alienating yourselves from the world bike community with these ideas. Support an army of occupation? No fucking way!
    I dont support US or any other army.
    I support the Palestinians fighting for some breathing space in their homeland…

    and basically all Im saying is that:
    Ok, we all ride bikes in cities, hate cars, like freedom and a healthy living but WHAT comes after that? Do we have beliefs? Do we have ideology? Is there something more than fancy hubs, coloured rims and aerospokes? Prolly, start the discussion! Itll do good to all of us…


  • Lulz

    lulz. he is getting a boner off the bike.