Actual Pain “Old God” Spring 2010 Lookbook Apr 14, 2010

I remember being over at the Mishka offices last Winter when the dudes were looking over the Spring / Summer 2010 Actual Pain offerings. At some point in the conversation, I realized that I wanted every shirt they had designed. TJ’s Seattle-based brand absolutely destroys it every season and this year’s Spring / Summer offerings are no different. The line, entitled “Old God” brings the summer heat for the metal head / hesher in you. There’s even offerings for the ladies in there!

Check out the lookbook here and be prepared for your local stockist to be burned down like a Norwegian church upon its arrival!


    godamnit. i have such a man crush on tj. seriously! every season a have nerdgasm. its funny too cause the idea behind the graphics and are really basic, but he just fucking nails it so hard. goo.

  • travislee

    Damn, i love all their stuff but cant afford or justify 40 bux for a t shirt