1975 Schwinn Paramount Sprint P-14 Track Apr 22, 2010

Yes before the KHS Aero Track and after the Jack Taylors, Schwinn made a “Sprint” P-14 Paramount Track bike. Sexy right? I was watching this eBay auction just to see how high it ended, knowing the rarity of these bikes and man, I wasn’t disappointed! Someone spent $2,560 on this frameset and you know what? I’m totally fine with that. Finding a P-14 Sprint isn’t an easy task and finding one in your size is a once or twice in a lifetime opportunity.

Some lucky guy will be building up one of the nicest Paramounts ever. Kudos my friend! Now before eBay takes all the photos down, head over and checkem out!

  • i to was watching this. lucky guy or gal who got it. beauty

  • I was also watching. Crazy price but that is a sweet frame.

  • patrick

    this thing jumped almost $1,200 in the last 10 seconds.

  • man, i love the combination of the nervex lugs and fillet brazed bottom bracket, really clean look!

  • Craig

    This thing was on eBay MONTHS ago, I think…the pictures look super super familiar. I seem to remember it being misclassified as a bike part and not a frame or vintage piece. Maybe it went through a bad transaction?

  • Honestly, I’d rather have the road bike version. You’d probably ride it more. There’s a photo of a beautiful Nuovo Record build online. DROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  • tpearl

    I saw this the day he listed it and was just blown away.

    I can’t believe it sold so high, it really blows my mind. And the auction looks so matter-of-fact too, like he remembered he had a super rare P-14 Sprint buried in his storage shed in between bong rips.

    Man, $2500 payday, unbelievable.

  • b76
  • J

    I wanna do dirty with that seat tube.

  • Audrey

    I have a 1975 Schwinn Paramount sitting in my garage. It is not a Sprint P-14. How do I find out the value of this bike? I am finally ready to have it go to a good home and have thought of donating it to the Bicycle Museum of America. I think the original receipt of the bike is hiding in the basement. I also have the specialized bike tools.