Walmart’s 700C Men’s Mongoose Cachet Fixed-Speed Bike Mar 25, 2010


I was going to wait and incorporate this into a post I’m writing but people won’t stop sending it to me so I might as well put it up now. Yes. You read the title right. Walmart is selling a Fixed-Speed bike made by Mongoose. Fixed-Speed? Whatever the hell that means. In the words of Shang Tsung “It has begun“.

Here’s what Walmart has to say about it:

The new 700C Mongoose Cachet Bike offers the ultimate experience in simplicity and style. Single-speed gearing makes for easy and intuitive riding. Caliper brakes and high-profile colored rims add urban style.
700C Men’s Mongoose Cachet Fixed-Speed Bike:

-Aluminum frame with rigid fork
-Lightweight and responsive ride
-Single speed
-Front and rear caliper brakes ensure precise stops
-High-profile colored rims add urban style
-Assembly required

It was bound to happen!

  • ez

    Well, it’s over… I’ll be selling NJS parts at rock bottom prices and stocking up on wooden rims for my Pennyfarthing. I wonder if I can get a Chukker for a 60″ diameter wheel?

  • rayumnd

    hopefully walmart will start selling tubes and NJS parts at low prices.

  • rayumnd

    hopefully walmart will start selling tubes and NJS parts at low prices.

  • but will it blend?

  • One more kid on a bike is one less mom/dad driving them someplace in a car. And one more kid who’s about to become completely obsessed with BIKES! That’s a good thing. The only thing missing as far I’m concerned is a free complementary Walmart helmet!

  • So, there is a LBS here in Fort Lauderdale. And the kid that owns the shop also assembles bikes for Walmart. He has been calling me to come and help him put together these bikes for the last few weeks. Cool kid, but I can not be a part of this.. Job or not.
    The end is near! FTW!

  • Fixed speed. It actually goes 15mph no matter how hard or soft you mash.

    Miracle of science.

    Walmart science.

  • Can’t be much worse than a lot of the cheap mail order hi ten singlespeed/fixed gear bikes flooding the market now.

  • except that it’s at Walmart… haha

  • I was thinking about getting into the fixed gear side of things… this makes me not want to.

    As ignorant as that sounds, it just seems like this takes a lot away from the unique/hardcore guys that have been building this scene for a long time.

  • ez

    Well, it’s… It really doesn’t matter. They sell shitty BMX bikes and horrid mountain bikes already. Anyone who really likes bikes doesn’t buy them at Walmart. Troof.

  • b. taylor

    Probably better elsewhere, but I like online banter. How in the world is this a bad thing? Walmart moms and dads (on a tight budget) can finally get their kid that ‘fixed-speed’ (whatever that means) they’ve always wanted. It’s a gateway into an active and more healthier lifestyle. Absolutely no downside. I assure you…the sun will rise tomorrow.

  • i think we should make a video and exclusively ride these things. it would be rad, start out in the morning going into wm and buying one these then just head out trackin like a mug.

  • jpdman

    why do you care?

    it was bound to happen. maybe now parts wont be ridiculously overpriced

  • (head hanging in hands silently sobbing into my beard)

  • The thing that sucks most is trying to explain to customers why they should spend $5oo or more on a good bike “when there is one at WM for $15o that does the same thing”
    This lowers the bar big time.
    It can be very discouraging for new cyclists who buy cheap bikes and spend twice as much fixing up and replacing parts. “But it was only $150, I’ll just throw it away and but a new one” It is part of the disposable consumerist mentality.
    It is not a good thing, not good.

  • plots

    but is it a singlespeed or a fixed gear, the name implies it doesn’t have a free wheel but beyond the name the pictures don’t give it away.

  • Adrian

    That bike looks wonky as hell.

  • Miguel Shmuk

    soo many people bitching about walmart selling a fixed gear bike. i dont get it. i thought the bicycle community wanted more people on bikes and less in cars?

  • Fatality!

  • blair

    hahahaha, i’m with newman.

  • andrew

    polo bike

  • jeff frane

    at least it’s a lot more practical than those janky full sus mtn bikes that the Walmart shopping crowed seems to gravitate towards. Hopefully the money that didn’t go into non functioning suspension and derailleurs went towards improved quality of frame and parts.

    I’m personally glad to see that Walmart will be offering a slightly more practical bicycle. There are many folks who rely on these incredibly cheap bicycles for transportation and daily existence. And this seems better to me than your run of the mill Magna

  • lauren

    Are these going to be sold in WM stores or strictly online? You can buy carbon fiber road bikes from WM online right now, but they don’t stock those in the stores.

  • Gordon

    Ez had a great point: Walmart also sells crappy BMX’s and mountian bikes. It doesn’t seem to me that that’s affected the BMX and mtn bike scene, so why would this be any different? People are making a bigger deal of this than it is…

  • artie

    I did throw up alittle in my mouth when i saw it ,oops i didnt throw up,…it was actually a shard. its funny to poke fun at it , and there should be something like a race or something on them for fun , but on the real though….. It is a healthier living and any bike is better than no bike. I used to practice riding trials along time ago in my back yard, and downstairs was this little kid about 7-8 yrs old, he was from Brazil and could hardly speak and english, well he used to watch me in awhh. He had this POS walmart fullsuspension mountain bike thingy. i started teaching him how to trackstand, and befor long he could trackstand pretty good actually. then i used to watch him from my window trying to ride some skinny planks i laid out on blocks and stuff. it made me real happy to watch him and see his willing to learn, and dedication, and effort. Its really not much at all about the blingy bike but rather the rider in my opinion.

  • yammy

    The only question I sincerely have is, what is going to happen when there are a series of accidents related to walmart selling these ‘fixed speed’ bikes cause the kids who buy them take off the brakes like a normal fixed gear. I just worry that there is no one to educate the buyer before hand. when I bought my first fixed gear i was in university 8 years ago. It took time to learn how to ride properly. I was already an experienced road/mtb cyclist. I simply worry that this walmart idea might generate too much negative attention if these kids who are riding get into big accidents cause of their inexperience. Then there could even be media throwback onto the fixed gear bicycle culture even more than there already is for the danger of riding a fixed gear bicycle.

    I want to see more people riding bikes but the question is at what cost will it come to the rider and the culture when these cultural trends are used just to make a buck?

  • Jerry Hill

    I’m with Newman. just bomb the shit out of the fixed-speed. And the video will get famous and kids who watch it will know the fixed-speed is a fixed-suck. Then they’ll hit they’re parents up for a nice bike. Look at kids who skate at the skatepark, how many are riding a
    Sam-wall extreeeeeme vertical with plastic wheels?

    Make that edit Newman.

  • Marty W.

    I don’t feel special anymore…

  • Russell

    Well chris akrigg rides that maurice thing by mongoose. This is just the downgrade, like the fuji track and fuji track pro.

  • Luke

    I’m with Fuzzy here. The whole ideal of cheap throwaway products is something I would hesitate to support. It almost goes against one of the benefits of cycling in the first place: renewability. Once these bikes are wrecked, they will be disposed of in the garbage or left in the woods somewhere, rusting in to the ground instead of being reused, resold, or recycled. This may be a wild speculation, but that’s the experience I’ve had with all other Walmart bikes here in Cincinnati.

  • this reminds me of the shitty toystore skateboard with plastic trucks that my parents bought me when i was a kid and told them i wanted a skateboard. it sucked, and i knew it, but i practiced ollies and heelflips in my bedroom, until i somehow convinced them to buy me a pro board. this is the same thing for a person who is new to cycling that can’t imagine why they should drop $500 on a better bike, but they’ll figure it out soon, and they’ll get hyped on it. just let it happen.

  • pushakey

    oh please, u guys sound super sensative, like cycling belongs to u…so what…now u sound like the cats saying that track bikes belong on tracks and u should be riding bmx bikes…its a bicycle, i dont care how trendy u are, how many tatoos u have, and if u only shower once a week ( to keep up ur street cred, right? ) when u start looking down ur nose at the growth of a sport u helped popularize, u lost…for the record, fixed gear anything is only exclusive in ur mind…go ride ur bike and remember its all for fun…and to the cat who was thinking about getting into the fixed gear thing but got turned off by walmart, good, we dont want u any way, go get one of those 4 ft long skateboards and carry it under ur arm…

  • Jerrylikesbikes

    Just ordered one, I’ll do a write up for

    The way I see it is, shit, it’s 150 bucks, I might as well buy one to fuck around with and see what the thing really is. Plus, when I’m done I can give it to my neighbor who’d love to have ANY bike. Poor kids need bikes too.

  • one pedal?!

  • sau

    the thing that everyone is missing is that the wal-mart “fixed-speed” bicycle weighs: 39.7 pounds.

    39.7 pounds for an aluminum frame with rigid fork. how RIGID is that fork?!

  • Andrew

    wait… then cost on that bike must be like $75. which means…

    This is the VOLKSBIKE! A bike for every house and family!

  • andrew
  • Phil

    “One more kid on a bike is one less mom/dad driving them someplace in a car. And one more kid who’s about to become completely obsessed with BIKES! That’s a good thing.”

    It was years since I rode a bike. One day I took my sister’s Walmart bike fo a spin. I ended up riding for a few hours.I rode the next day, then the next day. As time went on I bought better and better bikes.

  • Jerry Hill

    if you want to run a different chainring you gotta drill those rivets lol.

  • I agree with fuzzy 100% shitty department store bikes are brought into the shop I work at all the time and people don’t get.It wasn’t until I rode a real bike that I really got into cycling.But I started out on a some what shitty pacific mountain bike.But all I gotta say is fuck walmart.I swear to god if I have to see another full suspension 20 inch bike I’ll rip my eyes out.

  • Somekid

    Bikes are for everyone not just hipsters

  • bryan

    cringe-inducing. but fuck it, right? It was only a matter of time, and with retailers like Urban Outfitters jumping the fixed gear bandwagon months ago, you kind of wonder where Shit-mart has been the whole time. Time to cash in on a fad.

  • Chris

    Fuck it. That’s my new polo bike.

  • I wanna ride one head-first into a wall.

  • dag

    I feel like an earlier generation had this same discussion, over the proliferation of skateboards. Except maybe at the local 711 curb instead of poking keys on the internet.

    But that didn’t turn out so badly did it? People who could skate, continue to skate well. And all the bandwagon chasers hung it up. History repeats.

  • whishkey

    at first I was all WTF, but it is one more on a bike.hip kids are just jealous cause they aren’t the only weirdos now going to be riding bikes where you have to keep pedaling.It was bound to happen everyone knows it.get over it and make it yer new polo bike and or don’t shop at WM for bicycles.

  • Jerrylikesbikes

    Just noticed the 48h wheelset…

  • DM

    Bottom line: As one of the first replies said:

    It’s 1 more kid on a bike = 1 less kid being driven around in a car.

    Yes, the bike will be low quality, just like all the other crap sold by Wal-Mart and other exploitative chains.

    But, again – IT WAS BOUND TO HAPPEN.

    And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.
    Do you want to encourage people to ride bikes?
    Or is this little “fixed-gear-rebellion” scene more about colored tires, tattoos and excluding people than really about promoting bike-culture?

    Personally, I find it weak when people whine about stuff like this. I’ve ridden a bike for about 35 years and been car-free for as long as I can remember. All sorts of bikes, from BMX to Lo-Pro to grocery-getters. Still got them all; Still ride them all.

    But I don’t feel the need to adopt the fixie-clone look so prevalent on this site and others. In my case, It IS about the BIKE; NOT about the LOOK.

    But what were most of you haters doing last year? What was hot? Pretending to be a DJ? DIY tattoos? Growing your first big, hipster beard?

    Newcomers to any culture often try to lose the door behind them. That has no credibility with me.

    Yes, Wal-Mart sells junk… BUT a junk bike is often a gateway drug to better bikes and an escape from car-culture.

    Don’t hate it; Embrace it.

  • I had a kid and his mom come in last week to get his full-squish pacific fixed. The mom was alarmed at the cost to repair it, but did it to console her 250lb kid. a few days later she drags it, literally, back in because there is something wrong with the back brake. The kid folded the rear of the frame where the swing arm attaches. I wish I got a picture…
    Point is, they didn’t have the money to spend fixing it in the first place. Probably don’t have money to replace it. Kid is bummed, mom is pissed, bike is trash…

  • mike

    Honestly why does it matter
    its not effecting your day whatsoever
    just shut the fuck up and ride

  • antihero1972

    Yes, that last comment by Mike nailed it. thread closed go ride.

  • Vas

    like few already posted. this is nothing new. wal mart sells crappy bmx bikes. crappy heavy mtbs. crappy heavy hybrids. now they sell a crappy heavy fixed gear bike. nothing new at all. everyone needs to start out somewhere, most of us started on a shitty bike. no one who knows/loves biking will buy a bike from wal mart. no one who knows nothing about biking will spend $800 right away. i rode half a dozen 10, 20, $30 garage sale bmx and road bikes before i got my first $130 Sams Club mtb – it blew my mind. many years later when i picked up my first $500 mtb i knew what i wanted and what i loved. eventually a person who picks up this wal mart bike and realizes its heavy as hell, a bitch to upgrade and so on will make moves away from wal mart. if they hate biking as a whole because of that bike – they are not a biker at heart anyway. everyone needs to start somewhere. this is a good thing.

  • Brastrap

    Not everyone rides a bike for the love of cycling, some people just need to get around. Everyone knows that at least half the fixie crowd just buy bikes as a fucking accessory anyway.

    And yeah to whoever talked about skateboarding going through this as well. Shit gets popular and everyone wants in… way it goes.

  • Just to made the link; Mangoose is also making the bike Chris Akrigg is using

  • livingjetlag

    Vas, your first bikes were used, decent bikes, as opposed to a new piece of garbage. Bikes are like furniture, the old, higher-quality stuff retains value and is more reliable than new particle-board junk, and there’s nothing you can do to bring new junk up to standard. Long live Craigslist.

    Of course, if you’re looking at Walmart bikes, you probably don’t know how to tell the good used bikes from the crappy ones, and you’re a little safer buying new.

    And while I’m rambling, I must say that if Walmart is going to sell bikes at all, it makes WAY more sense for them to sell something that will be (relatively) simpler, more reliable, more likely to survive normal use, than their other bikes with plastic suspension.

    And hey, lead paint is tastier!

  • young gun

    this is so not a big deal, but at 40 lbs this thing will be a tank haha prob a rad cheap polo bike as everyone keeps saying

  • Fakester

    Boohoo it’s not hip to ride fixed gear bikes now cause walmart sells shitty fixed gear bikes. Yeah not everybody has 5 grand to drop on a keirin bike, thank god they can now buy a cheap bike to ride cause it’s fun. So to all you fixters take your expensive, hip keirin bikes and fuck it in the ass you posers!

  • jkelley

    I don’t mind this at all, some people can only afford a bike that cost $150. I wouldn’t recommend this bike, but if someone rolled up on one, I would make fun of them. A bike is a bike and until you fall in love with bike, this one will do just fine. I’d buy my bike from wal-mart before urban outfitters.

  • mattie d

    i personally would ride the shit out of that thing. if i needed a lock up bike/beater/throw down the stairs bike i would snap it up. if i see one at wally world ill take a close look at it.

  • This is just what happened when Walmart started selling organic food. Some people were happy because it meant more people would get to eat better food, and it meant that the land would be treated better to boot. Others had their identities threatened, since their precious lifestyle and purchasing decisions were the only thing that made them who they are.

    I don’t know about any of you, but a crappy Motiv bike from Costco was what started me on a long bike addiction. It was its crappiness, in fact, that made me learn about better bikes.


  • Crafty

    Fixed gear bicycles are no long exclusive? Dammit.

    I rode a shitty, shitty huffy kids bike for years. Beat the crap out of that thing. It was great. I agree- more people out biking, for whatever reason, is great.

    I do feel for any bike shop folks that have to repair these (and other) poor quality bikes. But oh well.

  • cr

    Department store bikes usually suck because the gear are absolute crap and need to be adjusted every five minutes. However, this solves that problem. Looks like a good cheap bike for getting around town. Weren’t fixed gear bikes (I realize this is a single-speed so everyone just relax) invented in Jamaica or something (or at least they’re popular there) because gears/brakes are an added expense that no one had money to fix? Sounds like Walmart got the memo after running by their lawyers (who would never allow them to sell a brake-less bike.)

  • drizz

    so does this mean that homebums will start riding these instead of those full squishy next mountain bikes?

  • MadCity

    Bravo to Mongoose for putting Volksbike together for under $150. Whoever built this knows his bikes! It troubles you because it looks sweet.

  • Aren

    Bicycle Jones in Klamath Falls, Oregon wouldnt fix or repair any “huffy” or “walmart” bike.. that was awesome.

    “if huffy made an airplane, would you fly in it?”

  • Richard Steez

    I wouldn’t fly in a Bianchi plane, nor even a Bob Jackson plane, but that doesn’t mean they don’t make good bkes. I wouldnt’ mash a Boeing fixie either. However, I think that Wal-Mart making these bikes is just looking for trouble when some kid will take off the brakes and die.

    I’ve seen so many dudes recently start to ride brakeless way to early, just for style. DEATH looms.

  • prettyboy

    so I’m entering this post on discuss 67. It’s obviously rubbed some people. Talk about cashing in. Is that when you know something has gone mainstream? As Track Cvnt say’s you can’t polish a turd but it doesn’t stop some people from trying. It doesn’t look as bad as it could, I’ve seen worse.

  • MrBiek

    Damn, i hate walmart

  • Eric

    I am definitely not a fan of Wal-Mart, but I live in Chicago where leaving a bike outside means it or something on it is getting stolen eventually. This is perfect for a second or even third bike that you can leave outside.

    The more people on bikes the better, even if it is 50 year old guys on Wal-Mart mt. bikes riding on the sidewalks.

  • BenPup

    So Wal-Mart has thier “fixie”, when is Target and K-Mart going to make one too?

  • clockcycle

    Personally I agree with a comment about it will get a few more people in on a starter bike and get a few less parents having to drive kids to the mall. It will be nice to see more casual riders on their bikes(this elitist mentality has got to go).

  • seattlecyclist

    What’s the big deal? Walmart’s been selling fixed gears for YEARS. In fact, my parents bought me one when I was four. A shiny new steel frame tricycle! A couple years later I upgraded to a Big Wheel (aka Kitt Power Cycle). Anyone here old enough to remember Big Wheels? Whatever. My friends and I used to ride our Knight Rider Big Wheels down the stairs and pull radical spin-outs in the neighbor’s yard. We kept it real in 85, sucka.

  • that’s a direct drive, not a fixed gear.


  • seattlecyclist

    Whoops. You’re right. Fixed gear = direct drive; but not necessarily the other way around. Whatever the case, we couldn’t coast.
    And when things got out-of-hand, we pulled that lever near the right rear wheel. Nuclear.

  • Peter McCaffery

    (;>|) Has anyone who’s posted here actually gone to examine one of these bikes? Seems to me that Mongoose possibly put a freewheel on it and used the””fixed speed” term to create the illusion of “A BIKE LIKE THOSE BAD DUDES RIDE”. I’m going down to Walmart today to see if they have one on display and will report back. BTW, read elsewhere that the shipping weight is 39.5lb.; will see what it really weighs.

  • That wheelbase is so long. I may as well stay with my vintage 70’s road bike with horizontal drop-outs. I guess I can keep my cred.

    I do agree on the positives that if it gets more people on bikes…

  • greg2wheels

    It has a fixed side and a freewheel side hub, FYI

    For all of you taking this way too seriously:

    Why not wait til you know something before you comment? The world has enough people who have opinions on things they have never done or seen. I am sure it is a pretty cheap bike, but seriously, you guys learned to ride a fixie, when? last season? You go out of your way to ride recycled junk like a kid who buys pre-ripped jeans, and then have the audacity to think you invented cycling?

  • Jake

    Due to economic times, my wife and I dropped down to one car. I work everyday about 4 miles from my home. She needs the car because of the kids. I researched bikes for about a month, and was going to buy my first bike to commute to work. I was looking at all the best quality bikes, 500$, 1000$, and up. I was searching for something to get me through traffic, and I came across the whole fixed gear scene. This lead me to all the serious complaining about this 150$ walmart bike. I immediately thought, I really can not afford the 500-1000$ bike, and what if I absolutely hate commuting on a bike. I bought the bike. Put it together. I have been commuting for a week now on the bike. I love it. 100%. Although, I had my first problem today. The rear brake locked and will not unlock..(If anyone can help, please do). I do not know much about bikes, I have been biking for a week. I know a lot of people are complaining about walmart selling these 150$ bikes, but at this cost it let me get a taste of a different life style I guess you could call it. It’s only been a week and ive learned quite a bit so far, and have so much more to learn. There is a good to walmart selling these cheaper bikes, especially when times can be really tough. It gave me a chance to get into something I have always wanted to do, and with the price tag, It wasnt a hard decision. I hope people stop bashing people who buy this bike.

  • 24k

    This bike kicks ass! I have not seen it in person though. I know that all the high end bikes and low end bikes for the most part are made in China any way, and even bikes that say made in U.S.A or made in Italy or whatever are made in China for the most part with the end Value being added in the label country. So personally I have a real problem spending too much money on a China bike or whatever other foreign country! The only truly American bike I have fount Actually Welded Here can be got at for between $600- and $1400 bucks in the meantime before I can afford that bike this wally special seams like a nice option. And like a guy said earlier when I’m done with it won’t
    be to hard for me to give it up to a neighbor kid who can’t even afford a bike at all! My only problems with the bike are that I hate Wall Mart, and I wish they would use bolts instead of rivets so you could actually fix these things when they break as they are now they are just disposable, now that sucks! On the other hand I live in Manhattan and a disposable bike is kind of a good thing as far as not worrying about theft!

  • Chris

    Hi all,

    The were offering 2.97 shipping so I ordered one for the heck of it.

    I took it back after I rode it around the block a few times.

    The frame was way to big for my short, stumpy legs.

    The wheels are 48 spoke with Quando flip flop hubs – freewheel on one side, ready for a fixed cog on the other. They even included a locking.

    The rims are a mild V section shape and the tires are ok. Unfortunately, it has Schrader valves instead of the the skinny Presta types.

    The frame was about what i expected – sloppy welds that look like they were squeezed out of a toothpaste tube.

    Paint was ok and it looks like the stickers are removable without messing up the paint,.

    Seat is nothing special and the seatpost is a halfway decent alloy post with one bolt adjustment – I was expecting a straight post with a clamp.

    Chain and single speed freehweel were ok, but It has a chainguard held in place with some nasty, sharp looking mounting brackets that are welded to the frame.

    A hacksaw would fix that, but then you have to touch up the frame.

    Kickstand is not too bad it you like that sort of thing. I usually get rid of it as soon as unpack the bike.

    I didn’t have a scale to weight it, but it is probably about 5 or 6 pounds heavier than my Bianchi Pista. According to Feded, it weighed 33 lbs boxed, so I would estimate it is in the mid 20s.

    Bottom bracket height is ok, but you probably couldn’t ride it at the Frisco Velodrom without scrpaing the pedals, since it has 170 MM crank arms, but it would be fine on the streets.

    All in all, not a bad bike for $150.

  • Johnny Thunders

    Remember…only fixie and green twats have the right to place their rectums on a bicycle seat…

  • Skilled

    It’s not that bad a bike I picked one up today cuz my little sis has been dying to go riding with me and my brother so I figured I’ll get that for her insted of letting her ride mine witch I put more than $200 bucks in it this weekend alone. It’s a good price and I know shell have fun with it.

  • wle

    40 lbs is shipping weight
    not riding weight