Walmart’s 700C Men’s Mongoose Cachet Fixed-Speed Bike Mar 25, 2010


I was going to wait and incorporate this into a post I’m writing but people won’t stop sending it to me so I might as well put it up now. Yes. You read the title right. Walmart is selling a Fixed-Speed bike made by Mongoose. Fixed-Speed? Whatever the hell that means. In the words of Shang Tsung “It has begun“.

Here’s what Walmart has to say about it:

The new 700C Mongoose Cachet Bike offers the ultimate experience in simplicity and style. Single-speed gearing makes for easy and intuitive riding. Caliper brakes and high-profile colored rims add urban style.
700C Men’s Mongoose Cachet Fixed-Speed Bike:

-Aluminum frame with rigid fork
-Lightweight and responsive ride
-Single speed
-Front and rear caliper brakes ensure precise stops
-High-profile colored rims add urban style
-Assembly required

It was bound to happen!