Vans Supercorsa Italian Cycles Collection Mar 19, 2010

Vans introduced their Supercorsa shoes last year. Modeled after vintage cycling shoes, they either struck a nerve or struck your wallet. Now, as a continuation to the Supercorsa line, they’ve introduced the Italian Cycles collection. As Hypebeast reports:

…this new pack showcases the Supercorsa in an all-canvas motif, with each colorway representing specific honors per Italian cyclists. Featured is the White Jersey (Best Young Rider), Rose (Leader-Champion), Green (King of the Mountains), Pink (Best Sprinter), and black (Last Place). Look for these to drop in July of 2010.

Kind of a stretch if you ask me. Nothing really makes them cycling specific. No 3M, no stiff soles. Just plain old Vans marketed towards the fixed crowd.

Summer Supercorsa Colorways
Vans Supercorsa Fall 2009
Vans Vault Supercorsa
Vans Supercorsa

  • Brendan

    Speaking as someone who used to work for Vans, their marketing and research departments seem to have their head up their collective ass when it comes to actually releasing products that are useful to the markets they intend to serve, so this hardly surprises me.

  • last place forever.

  • b. taylor

    Solid kicks though for long walks on the beach.

  • artoo

    and since when is green the mountain champion ? isn’t yellow leading and “rose” the marketing dept. has got their swatches all wrong i guess…

  • Lewis

    They are referring to Italian cycling. You may be getting confused with the Tour d’France – which has its own jerseys.

  • Dape

    Yeah, what happened to the MASH syndicate vans? Those were actually useful, i.e. stiffer soles, leather on top to prevent wear from toe clips and some liner that wicked away sweat. How about bringing those back.

  • Christopher Jenkins