Twitter Gets Austin Horse His Bike Back Mar 10, 2010

Austin’s ( @austinhorse ) getting a lot of face-time on the web lately. When he’s not racing Mercedes luxury SUVs around NYC, he’s working full time as a messenger. Recently, while making a delivery, his BMW Gangsta Track was snagged out from under his nose. He immediately Tweeted that his bike was just stolen and moments later, Eddie Brannan spotted it outside a deli in the LES. Rather than negotiating with the thief, he just stole it back.

Edit: Check out another local news channel’s coverage below.

Read the full news story at the NYTimes and check out this piece that just aired on NBCNewYork.

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  • That’s nuts… I would have at least waited for the guy to come out just to look who ever stole it in the face and say, “no, not this one.”

  • j

    once in a lifetime deal there. that bike just used up all its lives so you better watch it closer now.

  • naw that bike is like contra with the unlimited shit

  • hahahah @krillz

  • up up down down left right left right B A START

  • Oz

    What kind of pedals is he using? In the 2nd video, it looks like he’s using one big, metal downhill pedal, and then the other is a double strap track pedal. Any info on that?

    Also, what is the view on bmx style pedals versus track pedals? What are the pros/cons?