Tracko and Yanco: Denim Workmen’s Cap Mar 17, 2010

Tracko the LA Leprechaun has been busy melting his pot of gold into currency so he could fund this project with Yanco Pads and it was well worth the effort. When you think of cycling caps, you think of a cheap-o disposable piece of cotton that keeps sweat from dripping on your vintage steel roadie or track bike. When you think of denim, if you’re like me, you think of a horrible smell from never washing your jeans. Usually, these two don’t mix but the Yancosaurus Rex denim cycling caps look to change that. Even though the hat isn’t a traditional cycling cap (it’s a 3 panel design), it still fits under a helmet. Hell, it even fits my rather large head and not many caps do that. I’ve been wearing mine since Kyle gave me one at the NAHBS and I really dig it. It’s a really classy take on a cycling cap.

Now it comes in 2 new colors; purple and undyed. Grab one here for $25 before they’re gone!