Tony Kornheiser Urges Drivers To Run Down Cyclists Mar 18, 2010

Wow. Fuck these guys. Yay America. Tony Kornheiser’s comments towards cyclists on the road include “Run ‘em down” amongst other illegal and unethical slurs. The radio show caught the attention of Lance Armstrong, who will be discussing this with them tomorrow live on the air. In the mean time, please comment and let them know how you feel.

Or you can write to them. That information is below.

CEO: Bruce Gilbert
VP of Operations: Dennis Glasgow
Executive VP of Sales: Rick Carmean

Red Zebra Broadcasting (ESPN 980)
1801 Rockville Pike Suite #405
Rockville, MD 20852
Office Hours: 8:30am-5:30pm (Monday-Friday)
Phone: 301-230-3500

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  • Teh Bikezorz

    That’s p messed up!

  • Broseph

    Wow… I’ve dug Tony for years. I watched PTI for years when I had cable, but wow. What a douche. Lance, Please fuck this guy up. Go through sentence by sentence and show him why he is not only wrong but a terrible human being.
    “Just give them a tap” Fuck you. Lnce was hit while training in Austin. I’ve been hit while I was obeying the law. I want to fist fight Tony. I still like the sports stuff, but he might have fucked with the wrong demographic.

  • Erik

    Incredible. Glad to say I have sent ESPN 980 my thoughts.

  • Francis

    Damn. I realize that there are plenty of cyclists who act like assholes on the road. I see them all the time. But even that isn’t an excuse for assault.

  • “they’re a crunchy group”?

  • Richard Steez

    Wow. That shit is totally off wack and uncalled for. It’s exactly this kind of mentality that feeds the growing resentment between drivers and cyclists. Furthermore, I have a feeling that while cycling in the city makes one feel liberated and happy, driving on the congested streets rather makes one violent and aggressive, and it sucks that all this pent-up negative energy is all too often thrown on a two-wheeler.

    Just my 2 cents, seems I’ve been seeing a lot of crap like this lately.


  • Jerry Hill

    ya, “a large powerful car” fuck you Tony Kornhole. I’m glad to hear lance is going to talk about this. im going to call tomorrow and tell em what i think.

  • Chris 360

    This made me rage pretty hard.

  • Patrick

    What a fucking big bag of dicks.

  • Wow, I’d like to drag that guy out of his F’ing hummer and run him over with my bike. (Note: I am assuming he drives a hummer since he is that much of an asshole)

  • ez

    At first, I too feel anger towards Mr Kornheiser and his rather ignorant and naive position, but it’s not that simple.

    Yet, there is something that Noam Chomsky says that I agree with, “freedom of speech means freedom of speech you don’t like” and Mr Kornheiser is entitled to his opinion. He’s ignorant and angry about cyclists sharing the road and it ultimately boils down to his need to “be somewhere” at a given time. Perhaps, this speaks towards his impatience and childish aggression, but at the end of the day how am I, as a cyclist, more right than he.

    We do run lights, cut through cars, skitch on buses and all of this behavior, while fun in and of itself, is still selfish. There is no platonic form of “correct” for the road.

    At the end of the day, I pay taxes and feel I should get to use the road just as much as he should and that is fair. I strongly dislike and disagree with his attitude, but who is he?

    He’s just another asinine radio pundit who sounds about the level of Glenn Beck. It’ll be nice to hear him come forth with a forced apology, but you aren’t going to change his mind or affect his soul. He will still hate cyclists and that is sad, but meh… fuck it.

  • Patrick

    wow, bunch of fucking pricks… yeah yeah run em down?? have fun serving life for vehicular homicide. christ.

  • Julian M.

    what a dick!!!!!! someone should run that fucker over.

  • jakerock

    If you get upset over this, you are a little sensitive. Who gives a damn what these guys say?

  • Micah

    Left my $0.02. Thanks for the heads up Prolly.

  • Rodrigo

    Somebody needs to run this jackass over on the sidewalk, leave him on the ground and say “You said the roads were for automobiles, right ? Get the fuck off my sidewalk.” And keep on riding.

  • This is really sad. As a bike commuter, I encourage each of you hosts to ride your bike to work for one day. Not to make the world a cleaner place, but to save money, get exercise, sun, fresh air, and to do the right thing. And please, don’t try to eat granola while biking – it takes skill to do two things at once… similar to speaking and thinking at the same time. :) We’re not racing, we’re not crowding the road, we’re commuting our way and I’m sorry you can not respect that.

  • Barry

    In general talk radio, specifically sports talk, is a waste of humanity. Just tune this crap out. That goes for ESPN to which has become this ungodly monolith which needs to manufacture controversy to fill all its air time. This guy is an idiot, but our best course is to find more productive things to do than ever listen to this crap.

  • *stab*

  • this shit happened in Australia about 3-4 months ago on a tv network primetime show. caused a bit of a shit storm amongst cyclists.

  • Charles Schoen

    U Lock smashing session? Haha
    ex: you made a good point, but I still was extremely pissed off after hearing this.
    But hey, he’s just some bolligerant 62 year old “shock jock” he’ll get set straight[er] by lance, but still this guys just a piece of shit

  • jayjay

    I love how he assumes cyclists don’t stimulate the economy, all because we don’t drive cars and consume gas in the same manner he does. I buy bikes from companies providing jobs, I buy bike parts and maintenance paraphernalia regularly which includes taxes and profits to companies. Simply because I don’t spend all my money on fossil fuels doesn’t mean I don’t do my part to help along the economy.

    I feel these comments are along the lines (and even worse) of Don Imus and his recent fuck up (2007). Referring to a group of hard working college athletes simply as “Nappy-headed hoes.” That’s it. This jerk off not only generalizes about a very large culture and group of people, but he also encourages the vehicular assault of each and every one of us. He should not only lose his job, but a formal apology and hefty fine is well in order. Not to mention the mindless fucks who were backing him up on that particular radio show.

    I understand not all cyclists follow the laws of the road. Hell, I don’t always either. But it’s one of those things that happens as more of a bending of those laws. It’s the same as drivers going above the speed limit, rolling through stop signs, and countless other infractions that make driving to a destination more timely. I can agree with Ez at the fact that there are opinions we don’t all like or agree with. But when he encouraged the vehicular assault of cyclists, it went past a difference in opinion and became an issue that puts each and every cyclists in danger.

    I hope Lance eats him alive and he finds himself jobless in the very near future.

  • Eva

    Lets just keep riding. If rain, wind or for that matter all the traffic that we already deal with, doesn’t stop us from ejoying our rides then this person shouldn’t either. Happy trails

  • Tim J

    thanks for posting the address Prolly.
    im not even gonna waste my time sending a letter, im skipping straight to a FUCKING PIPE BOMB!

  • Jordan

    Time to bring out the crowbar.

  • Ian

    Yeah, he is being a total ignorant prick, but he’s voicing how some people feel in the first place. Those people are ignorant pricks too. But he’s not giving anyone the thought to run down cyclists who don’t already have that thought. Rather, he’s revealing to rational, sane people that he’s a total douchebag and not anyone to be listened to or respected.

    Still, though, he had no right to say what he did and deserves to be fined heavily, if not fired.

    I’m guessing he’s also a global warming denier being that he’s hating on bikes for not running on gasoline.

  • ROT

    Hey Prolly keep us updated with Lances Response!

  • ftmg

    everyones talking about this tony kornheiser guy, but what about the other asshole that was agreeing with everything he said. he was saying just as much dumb shit. talking about not fatally running cyclists over but making them lose a limb. karmas a bitch

  • mark leibowitz

    dudes a jew.. jews hate bikes…

  • joow

    just wait for dem nigga to park thier cars….

  • …i got “tapped” one time in austin and my rear wheel was sucked under the front bumper of the car. great advice.

  • radam

    Cant wait to hear Lance talk with him.

    It’s going to be very interesting.
    An educated reasonable human talking with an ignorant close minded asshole.

    Prepare to be humiliated Tony Kornheiser.

  • Kevin

    what a bunch of fuck heads, so i’ll start throwing rocks at cars that try to run me off the road.

  • alejandro

    sounds like dude has erectile dysfunction and is pretty pissed about it. “not a fatal spill but a limb losing spill” what a douchenozzle. left my peace over on ESPN. thanks.

  • Rebecca Brasseur

    My son rides his bike everyday to work in NYC. It saves him transportation costs, it gives him a chance to do his part for a cleaner environment, it keeps him in great shape and he gets to enjoy the ride as opposed to being stuffed in a subway car crammed full of people at 8:00 in the morning. It’s a healthy alternative all the way around. Of course I worry for him and now even more so after hearing that arrogant fool, Tony Kornheiser. And unbelievable how he wasn’t stopped by those who were interviewing him – instead they fed into the frenzy. I don’t know who they are or what their positions are, but they should all be fired immediately. These are dangerous people, EXTREMIST, and their comments might just end up getting a cyclist hurt.

  • Tony

    WOW!!!! I see this sort of aggression all the time when I ride. I’ve even had 3 liter sodas thrown at me to try and knock me off my bike! It sucks that people can’t just move around us and think that 2 tons of rolling steal is not a weapon. I hope he gets in a wreck, trapped in his car and see’s a cyclist ride by and not help.

  • sammy

    ‘run em down’ what a great idea, when he parks his car and gets out, simply ‘run em down’ (maybe a few bashes with the U lock too. that should do it) thanks tony

  • Scott

    These guys are morons in that they use this type of talk to generate ratings. Of course there will be backlash, and people will listen to their show. Kornheiser was the worst thing to happen to MNF (Dennis Miller kicked his butt), and this is the reason why. Spouting crap just to spout crap is such a waste of time, whether it’s radio, TV, or politics. Usually the best thing to do is hit them with a quick intelligent blow (difficult for hot-heads to respond to intelligence) and then shut up.

    Roads were built for horse and buggy. How angry would he be if those started appearing on “his” roads.

  • dstrong

    TK’s listeners aren’t big fans of discussion. i posted on his website’s discussion forum and got some crazy responses:

  • fucking frat boy ass sporto , thats why windows get u locked

  • empirezzo

    tony kornball….
    your a scum bag….
    i hope i never recognize you while im out….

  • empirezzo

    and whoever is talking with him is a piece of shit…. i hope you step out of your cars and get run over from someone texting on the phone….
    you idiots dont deserve to breathe

  • perspective


    its interesting that people think that what this guy is saying is wrong yet are responding to his comments with aggressive and violent rational. What sense does that make?

    oh I get what sense it makes. It American sense, just like dropping bombs/waring with other nations to prove that terrorism is wrong. right?

    ok so he promoted a very negative thing. why respond with more negativity. u-lock smashing? what does that help, you buried anger… how do you feel afterwards justified for hurting someone or better yet smashing a vehicle.

    people say crazy stuff all the time. that is way more important than this.

    wow so he promoted running over cyclist. what about promoting killing innocent people overseas by asking people to join the army for i dunno 50 years. what about the lies that are told to you everyday from your politicians? I don;t see anyone going to the white house or supreme court with u locks or something to stop the crazy horrible things that are going on in the country.

    to be honest, save your energy for the homeless and people in need in this country.

  • What a douche bag!!!

  • TK’s listeners aren’t big fans of discussion. i posted on his website’s discussion forum and got some crazy responses:

    Posted by dstrong | March 19, 2010 10:25 AM

    tony kornball….
    your a scum bag….
    i hope i never recognize you while im out….

    Posted by empirezzo | March 19, 2010 10:57 AM

    WOW, that is some real insightful discussion and commentary you got going on over here. No wonder we didnt understand what you were trying to say at Lehecka’s site. We don’t speak Ignant.

  • Greg

    “I don’t like approving negative comments, so please be polite”

    Haha… After reading the stuff on here I’d hate to see what you think a negative comment is.

    Some people need to lighten up. I’ve listened to his show for a couple of months now and I think it’s pretty obvious that he was being sarcastic when he said to hit a cyclist. If you are scared that his words will cause people to run down cyclists, then it’s probably not a good idea to make these words available here. But I’m sure it’s different. The truth is some people live life wanting to be offended.

  • blair

    the reason why we’re experiencing so much of this sort of backlash recently is because we’re growing in power and number. we should not be fearing this sort of thing, we should be looking at it as a validation of our strength.

    i’ve been a cyclist for longer than many of today’s cyclists have even been alive, and when i was a young man, people didn’t TALK about running you off the road, they just DID it. i’ve been beamed by stuff thrown from cars, i’ve been bumped, knocked over, had cigarettes and hot coffee fired at me, and heard so much vile shit yelled at me it’s disgusting. but i experience LESS of that today than i did 25 years ago (or even 10 years ago, for that matter), and it’s because there are so many more of us now that people like this pinhead don’t have the blind eye turned towards them anymore when they aggressively attack us. cycling advocacy groups like the san francisco bicycle coalition have the ear of so many city politicians and cops that all people like this guy can do is react and spout fire about it in whatever forum(s) they have available to them.

    i say let this guy say whatever the hell he wants (he does have the right, after all). all he’s doing is projecting his guilt over supporting the economy of historically terrorist nations and showing his jealousy of our speedier commute times and better-lookin asses. we give people like this even MORE power when we sink to their level and start smashing them in the face with u-locks (which, admittedly, would feel awesome).

    yes, i’m angry about it, and yes, i’ve submitted some choice thoughts to the addresses listed above (thanks, prolly, you’re the man), but in the end, i think it’s great — not only does he now have to answer to cycling’s most public face, but he’s BOLSTERING the cycling community by ranting his uneducated and childish opinions. the more people like this speak out, the smaller they look and the more power is given to us as a political force.

    on the one hand, i’m mortified. but on the other, i’m thrilled that we are SO strong that small-minded little pricks like this guy have no recourse but to rant. i say we should all take solace in the fact that for the first time in the modern age, we’re driving people like this insane. and when you’re red-in-the-face mad and out of shape, you’re that much closer to a heart attack.

    ease up and go take a ride. and if you wanna REALLY see someone lose their shit, then when they yell some vile crap at you, just smile and blow them a kiss.

  • Jason

    Here’s the full interview with lance from today.

  • rand0m


    I agree about the aggressive responses but just Lance responding to this guy will bring awareness to the situation and maybe get this guy into some trouble. Just because it’s not as important as other issues does not mean it doesn’t affect us as cyclists.

  • eden

    What a ignorant prick! “automobiles” my ass!

  • bub

    I’ll let Tony Kornheiser run me over if that’s what it takes to get him off of the air once and for all. That guy is the worst. I can’t stand to listen to nerds talk about sports. There should be some kind of FCC rule against that.

  • drizz

    as far as free speech goes, this cowardly turd of a man can say whatever he wants; that is his right. but since he spewed his hate speak on the radio, which allowed him to be heard by millions of people, he should be held accountable for his words. broadcasters who use the public airwaves have a responsibility to operate in the public interest. advocating assault on a group of people should be grounds for termination by espn.

  • yammy

    If there is anything to learn here is that cyclists need to be careful. Opinions such as the one from Anthony Irwin “Tony” Kornheiser are much similar to those of regular people you don’t know on the streets wherever you are. The important thing here is to remember to every one of you in some form is a representative of this bicycle culture. Cycle culture is growing and shifting our communities, naturally there will individuals who do share this expansion or remix of our culture the way everyone here does. Remain true, and always be gentleman or a ladies when the moment occurs where you might be challenged by individuals filled with ignorance or hate. It’s not worth your life to get in the way of a “large” automobile. Be smart, live to ride another day and challenge the system with that extra day the smart way.

    yammy out!

  • Greg,

    Ranting about this kind of stuff is ok. Frankly, I can’t moderate ALL of these comments…

  • Hey did you just threaten my life Via vehicular homicide? I think that gives me a chance to defend myself with lethal force. You should hope we dont meet in traffic asshole.

  • erik

    biker down! call da amublamps!

  • sevem

    “It’s not fucking beijing.” That’s as far as he had credit. Apart from the extremely ethnocentric racist crap (topped by “what’s next, eating dogs ?”), he fails to understand the long history of roads. I refer him to “Traffic” by Tom Vanderbilt. He talks about the bike-car(horse powered)-pedestrian dilemma. Just watch the first minute of the video “back to the future” on his webpage :
    and you’ll see that way before cars, people biked on roads.
    PS: it’s pretty rad to see that the story of the road in the video dates back to Napoleon…
    I do not think that what he said is too important. He’s a joke and of course he’s fueling some people’s hatred of cyclist but so what, it’s been done all the time on TV against black people or Arabic people etc… Just spread the good word around you, to motorists you know and people you meet.
    We are way more powerful that his ignorant diatribe.

  • dnine


    ‘who gives a damn’?

    it’s NOT just some guy venting. his audience hears this, and the next time they get upset b/c they see a cyclist in the road, it pushes them to ‘tap’ the guy on the bike. it doesn’t take much to kill. that’s why we give a damn.

    A Doctor From Kansas

  • TOM

    Shitheads. Its radio what do you expect? This isn’t the first time some jerk off ran their mouth about this topic. People threatening to “U-Lock” cars are just as bad. I’m not saying I agree with his statements, but plenty of cycling advocates sound like morons too.

  • raptor

    these people are so fucking ignorant i cant believe this was aloud to air. if they would take time to think about what they are saying and should first read the laws of the road. bicycles are the first legal form of a vehicle and this is why we are granted to ride in the streets. Vehicles are to allow +3 feet for a bicycle when passing, that “little lane to the right” is for bikes to use when there are cars coming and not to ride in all the time. we are by law supposed to ride in the road. i can get a ticket for riding on the sidewalk. i bet these are the same fucks that traded in there HUMMER’s for a HYBRID SUV so they can feel better about wasting tax money for gas and road repairs. fucking sick faggots. i hope they attempt to “TAP” me and i can blast there head with my U-LOCK.
    i just have to spit. this makes me SICK. we need to step up and enforce our rights. i think critical mass isn’t doing the job of getting knowlege out to the drivers. we need something bigger to happen. we need to show up at this faggot Tony Kornheiser’s house and read him the laws. fucking rot with your riches and burn in greed you mindless monkey. eat shit and die.

  • radam
  • super·

    wtf, I ride my bike to work all the time and this guy is not helping my safety one bit. At first I want tear his jawbone off, but I guess it would be best for him to apologize and avoid asinine statements in the future.