Tony Kornheiser is Still an Asshole Mar 19, 2010

I all hear is “I’m only doing this to save my job”. Listen to Tony talk to Lance Armstrong, who behaved very politely when he very well could have ripped him apart, here.

Tony Kornheiser Urges Drivers To Run Down Cyclists

  • Kevin

    I think that the reason drivers are so hostile towards us bicyclists is that every time they see one of us riding it makes them feel guilty. Whether its because we remind them of their direct negative effect on our planet’s environment or because we’re reminding them about that fifty pounds they think they could lose, they’re the guilty ones.

  • Joe

    Thanks for nothing kornhole! you can tell alot about a person by the tone of voice. I deal with enuff rage of the fukin streets already. put the bitch on a bike make him pedel his ass off with cars tring to run him off the road, 356 days a year!

    rant over!

  • danny

    His apology is sincere. He’s sorry.

    HOWEVER, this dickwad is sorry for the wrong reason. His feelings towards cyclists haven’t changed, he is only sorry that he is catching so much hate for it.

    His daughter rides to work, I wonder how his opinion would change if she got hit by a car on her commute.

  • b. taylor

    Lance got Kornheisered! But in his defense, he’s going to be criticized one way or the other, either by the cycling community for being too polite (I thought he was) or by the average non-riding “Kornheisier” for going off on some angry vindictive rant. High road on this one.

  • Craig

    This reminds me of the “nappy headed hoes” incident. I want to see this guy take a spin on a bike around any city and see how bad cars are WITHOUT his encouragement.

  • dominic

    What a sociopath! Did I hear him say his daughter rides a bike to work?

  • Sorry prolly for the “Spam”
    We can still work on this guy.. Please continue to call and email.. This guys should be fired.

    People can email Tony Kornheiser at [email protected]. Everybody needs to let him know this is unacceptable.

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  • Ribs

    This guy’s only sorry because he got flack. Lance should have been a lot harder on him, as I feel like he used Lance to leverage very low levels of sincerity.

    Anyway, how does a person with a voice that grating get a radio show?

  • Lian Han

    Kevin, I don’t think that’s it.

    I think it’s because a lot of us cut through traffic, don’t obey signals, run red lights, stop signs, don’t ride on the shoulder, and alternate between being pedestrians and car lane users.

    That aside, Tony is a piece of shit, but he is also an indicative piece of shit for the all the people who drive and see cyclists do the above for the sake of getting somewhere 30 seconds faster than otherwise.

    Everyone knows that bicycles are on another echelon than cars, but with any instance of sharing something, there’s always going to be hate and prejudice, but at least we have seen the presence of cycling increase in major cities.

    If you go to suburbs or smaller metropolitans, the bicycle hate is far far far worse. You think NYC is the worst, go check out Birmingham, AL. This shit that happened is great for bicycle awareness, but we don’t need to be fighting, we need to be communicating. I respect Lance for that at least.

  • matt

    i found it pretty frustrating that the guy kept changing the subject to some ‘im so old and i don’t understand the new way’ rant, like he doesn’t expect things he says to be heard or reacted to..

    you’re on the RADIO. people hear what you say, and it’s not like this hasn’t happened before.

    I think that maybe Armstrong should have been more direct with his comments and state that what Kornfuck said was not only out of line but totally unfounded and ignorant. Sure cyclists can be inconsiderate (no more than cars) but that doesn’t mean we should all be forced to ride only on wires above the cities.

  • Marty W.

    What a piece of trash… from what I heard there was no sincere apology, just a guy trying to keep his job.

    This guy was suspended a few months back for stupid comments. Perhaps his handlers should wise up and fire the retard.

  • pushakey

    u know y no one likes cyclists, cuz of cyclists such as myself, who would ride up to the drivers side window, and spit a lungy in tony’s face…this guy is using shock to build his brand, if u feed it, it will grow bigger

  • nightrider

    I agree with pushakey. Tony Kornholio is just trying to be Howard Stern. The problem I have is that there will be some dumbshit out there in radio land that will have TK’s comments in mind. Just how many retards out there will take us cyclists out because of it, who knows? I just might start riding with my 9mm just in case.