Tony Fast and His Cinelli MASH Low Pro Mar 24, 2010

Tony has been bugging about getting this bike for so long. Luckily Bicycle Revolutions was able to squeeze one out for him. I dunno Fuzzy, I love those Urban Camo Sun Venus rims. Especially with the Cinelli MASH low pro. The monochromatic paint just looks so dope!

Check out what Tony has to say about here, at the Bootleg Blog.

  • It is the best possible fit for those rims, like they were meant to be. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t ugly.
    Haha, love giving Tony a hard time about them.
    But I do the best I can with what I am given, so there it is.

  • Michelle

    Dang does anyone know who makes that shirt he’s wearing?

  • Dinosaur

    a frame like that deserves clips and straps or clipless pedals.

  • A comment like that deserves a smack in the head.

  • agreed

  • a frame like that deserves what ever the rider wants.

  • Maybe I am gonna build up one with a coaster brake!