Tom LaMarche: White Walls Gap Mar 1, 2010

Photos by Gary Wilpizeski

You may recognize this popular Richmond spot from various BMX videos. Just today, ESPN ran an interview with Evan from Re-Cycles Bike Shop about the history of BMX in RVA. In the article, Evan does a one-footed table at the spot, known as White Walls.

This weekend, White Walls was a staple spot to ride in downtown Richmond. Gary Wilpizeski caught a sequence of Tom gapping out of the quarter to the street above. Pretty nuts. Check out the rest of Gary’s shots here.

  • Thanks for the post man, had a fucking awesome time this weekend!

  • flo

    What frame is he riding?!?!?!??!

  • flo

    my bad he just stripped it….the dent is still there..ha was getting shook, thought a new proto was out :p

  • Ricky Butler

    Is that a new Scissor color or is he on someone else’s ride?

  • He painted his.

  • I heard about this but couldn’t put it together in my mind. That’s a dope, big gap. Way to get the sequence shots!


  • so ill, delco poppin’ off antonyo knows

  • Dude, I got so stoked when I heard he did that gap. That’s an awesome sequence

  • About 13 years ago, I hauled a bunch of concrete down to those walls in my Suburban, and we put those transitions there… Since then, I’ve seen BMX guys clear the fence (that was behind the ledge where LaMarche landed) and even 360-lookback over it! (Lord Voelker!) It was exciting to head back to RVA and see kids still sessioning the same spot after so many years!