Teva’s How To Series – Jeff Lenosky: Fix A Flat Mar 24, 2010

Sometimes, just sometimes, people share useful links in the comments section of the entries here. Yadar linked to this video in the less-than-practical Tricks of the Trade: Episode 1 edit and man, it makes total sense. Well, at least for a big bike. Not sure if it’d work on a road bike or a track / fixed gear. Who wants to try it out and report back? I guess you’ll need a knife, unless you’ve got a disk brake. Very similar to those $10 Cobra tubes Fly has been talking about for ages.

Tricks of the Trade: Episode 1

  • blockedintersection

    yeah, i don’t know.. might be fun to try on a rainy day with a higher pressure tire, but i don’t think it’s a run-flat type of situation here. everyone would be doing it already i feel.. I’ve heard bs about duct tape working(for mountain/bmx size) if you keep the pressure low.. this didn’t work for me on my mtb the few times i tried.

    Love to hear any other results..

  • Jerry Hill

    recipe for a tarck disaster

  • Vas

    hmmm, interesting. never thought of that and will def try it next time the problem arises.
    those fly tubes are out already, btw. but for 10 beans a pop its a bit too much.

  • alex

    That was the single greatest fix it tip every! Sure there is tons of great stuff out there but man this ones is a life saver!