Target’s Schwinn Courier Single Speed Road Bike Mar 30, 2010

This isn’t nearly as much of a “big deal” as Wal-Mart’s bike, but Target is now selling a Schwinn Courier Road Bike for $259.99. Schwinn’s been making bikes for department stores for years, so this should be no big surprise. When it comes down to it, this is more along the lines of other mail-order catalog bikes and doesn’t come close to Wal-Mart’s $149.00 Mongoose. In the end, this will get more people on bikes, so I don’t see what the big deal is. Just know, when you take this to your LBS to get “worked on”, you’ll be dropping a couple hundred more into it, so you’re better off going with a local purchase from a legitimate bike shop.

Walmart’s 700C Men’s Mongoose Cachet Fixed-Speed Bike

  • As gross as these department store fixed gear rip-offs are, I think it’s a turn in the right direction. Trying to sell a bike for under $300 with “suspension” and 27 gears that don’t work always has been a horrible idea that somehow consumers fell for. At least these bikes have fewer parts to break, and are much more suited to the type of riding they’re actually capable of.

  • raphael

    Even if this convinces one driver to switch to riding his or her bike its worth it. Im for it! Sometimes all it takes it the opportunity to realize how fun riding your bike is for one person to start become that avid bike rider who starts spending real money on a bike.

  • dstrong

    is it true there is only one size?? that’s a problem.

  • Again, if it gets people biking, bring it on. This and the Mongoose Cachet are probably the best department store bikes available. Although I am building up a Target Forge (frame looks a lot like a Giant, just sayin’)

  • Santiago Belmont

    And This is the end for SE draft Single speeds. lol..

  • target

    I love the bullhorns on this bad boy. We designed them to scale real bull horns.

  • beine

    ugly as hell too, but what can you expect..

  • jurij

    Don’t know about you but that see-through chain guard’s just lovely ;)

  • jeff

    I would far rather have the Schwinn Cutter for $299 then this bike, here. Cutter ain’t so bad for a transportation bike…just sayin.

  • BenPup

    26 pounds and a kickstand AND 1” tires?! Hell yeah!

  • the reviews on the Forge bike with sora are pretty good… “I could do 20 mpg on a flat surface and 25 on a downhill. Could do faster but the speed limit in my retirement community is 25 mpg.”

  • i have this bike. i wasnt looking for street cred or hipster approval. ive had it for two months put almost 300 miles on it. no problems. its a bike. i did remove the chain guard, reflectors, useless toe clips (freewheel). people that ride custom vintage fixies or more expensive bike are suprised at how smooth it rides and how good the bike looks. daily rider not a show bike