Swedish Man Builds Porteur Bicycle in his Basement Mar 24, 2010

If you’ve got some time to browse through this thread on Fixedgear.se, you really should. It’s a story about a forum-member who builds a Porteur bicycle in his garage, without any major jigs or special tooling. Above is his kit of parts and using traditional and not-so-traditional methods, he built a fully functional town bike. Really impressive! I went through Google Translate to figure out what most of the discussion was focusing on. Maybe you should do the same?

  • I did something similar, great fun.
    Don’t know of any framebuilders in Ireland, so it was a steep learning curve.
    Chrobin did a great job documenting the whole thing.



    Looking forward to my next frame…

  • I just finished a similar project that I posted on trick track.

    Short wheel based 29er, or a fat tire fixed gear as the old retro grouches called it.

  • i dont understand why chobrin driled through the top of his bars flat and then again through the stem, as opposed to just drilling through the bottom of the bars sweep. would have looked better, and while i can appreciate his, all the way my way attutude and thoughts on re-touching the paint, i couldnt imagine painstakingly creating something that beautiful myself and then using a rattle can to paint it.

    this guy is a genius though, and needs to be applauded for his tenacity. no prior building or welding experience? seriously.

  • matt

    best part has to be the makeshift truing stand.