Steven Jensen: New Rims Edit Mar 24, 2010

new rims edit from steven jensen on Vimeo.

So many dope lines in this edit. Seriously. Steven Jenson’s at it again with a ton of stair variations. Nollies, halfcabs, 3 taps, 180’s, bars in and out. So much! Don’t miss the 2-minute mark. I’ll let the video do the talking…

Via Locked Cog

Zlog: Steven Jensen 180 Bar
Steven Jensen: Quick February Edit
Steven Jensen Intro Edit

  • Joao

    this guy is super badass! he needs a new BB and new shoes though.

  • ljraaaat

    and stop wearing his hat sideways


  • germ

    His feet are in the straps most of the time :P

  • j

    you exaggerate your tricks a little bit. that noise, chain or bb? quite jank either way.

  • This guy is one of the few dudes who make me wanna trick. He doesn’t just do tricks, he makes it all look good. Those nollies are insane!

  • wilis

    Love to see a kid go for it and not give a …. !
    Somebody sponsor this kid?

  • Stoked

    makes it look good. sweet edit.

  • Charles Schoen

    and stop wearing his hat sideways

  • MorehartFilms

    Every single trick he has at least one foot in his straps! Thats good enough for me.

  • “Somebody sponsor this kid?”

    For real. How about starting with that ill creak…
    mad skills, though.

  • julio

    hahah i like how the haters who cant ride as good as this dude are worried about how he wears his hats and shit. dude is sick.

  • kk kidding

    all it takes is a bmx background and u will wreck shit. wonder y more bmxrs dont switch to fixed. u can be famous in a month.

  • Charles Schoen

    Haha, I’m not hating at all… I think this was probably the best edit since grime st. I just think the style is kinda goofy to see on a fixed kid. This dude rips, it’s kinda discouraging to see bmx kids come and slay shit in like a week. This is good.

  • Dude who gives a rats ass how he wears his hat. His tricks are as sick, or sicker, than anyone’s out right now – especially since this is like, what, edit number 3? Maybe y’all should start wearing your hats sideways and you can hit those 180 wall 180s.

    BTW – anyone who rips Anderson Park and the Old Red Library is an 85th st hooligan in my book! Props on keeping some old Eastside stomping grounds alive!

  • beaver

    steven is probably a nice guy and all.

    but come on, hes been riding BMX for 10 plus years.
    all those tricks were BMX tricks!

  • mikeyradz

    i cant here you over that horrible creaking… he’s been riding bmx for a long time, he should now how to fix a bike…

  • On Your Left

    I agree with Beaver.

    I don’t mean to be a hater, I was excited about fixed gear tricks when it was skidding, backwards riding and track stands. But most of these “cutting edge” videos are 1:1 BMX tricks on sedatives.

  • ct justin

    be more impressive if he rode with his seat raised to proper ride height.

  • Vas

    why the hate? this was awesome! one of the best/smoothest edits out there.


    soooo much hate! people are fucking silly. “waawaaa, this guy rips too hard, waaaaa.”

  • Kids a real ripper and everyone’s being assholes. Don’t make me close the comments you jackasses!

  • aj

    I heard steven jensen has been riding BMX for 100 years and his dick was the smoke monster from fern gully…. dude is good, you cant deny it. Plus i heard he’s got roots in Dallas which is good!

  • j

    i think its safe to say steven jensen is by far the most polarizing figure in fixed gear today. why? not sure really… but if i wore my hat that way im sure i would get ripped too. comment about bmx’ers switching to fixed for instant cred, spot on. picture dave mirra on a fixed and he’s instantly the #1 rider. sort of…

  • steven is super humble, and a really nice dude. wheres the support for a dude whos in it for the fun of it? hes on a fixed gear. who cares about in the straps, out of the straps, how high his fucking seat is. you guys are making this “scene” look like its filled with a bunch of assholes who dont want anyone coming in and making them look bad. this dude shreds, and I hope he sticks with it.

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, one of my favorite riders, Chris Clappe. Well said man.

  • Alex

    This happened a bit in the mountain bike scene too when riders like Darren Berrecloth (who was a good, but 2nd rate BMX’er) switched over to big bikes, and did all the big lines that the old mountain bikers did, but threw bmx tricks in as well. He immediately won a bunch of contests and was picked up by Specialized soon thereafter.
    People started to bitch and moan a bit, but after a few other riders switched over, it got some cred for the sport because people were doing more than just hucking themselves off big drops and jumps to flat.

    This fixed trick thing reminds me a bit of that. To me, the biggest issue in both situations is that if BMXers can switch over and kill it immediately, what’s the point of riding fixed or mountain bikes. Some people argue that its harder on a fixed or mountain bike. CT Justin’s comment about seat height hits on this. With mountain bikes it was almost like “well doing one tailwhip on a 26in bike is harder than doing one on a bmx, thats why our pros can only do one instead of 3.” Thats bullshit. If the argument comes down to that, someone has obviously just chosen the wrong equipment.

    What helped with mountain biking is that the contest/big sponsor side of the sport kind of shelled off the street aspect (because BMX was so much more practical for that style of riding) and focused on the Slopestlye kind of contests, a place where mountain bikes were necessary.

    It seems like fixed trickery is going to have to find a way to justify riding the big bikes rather than just the difficulty. I know people argue that the advantage is that you can get around more easily than on a bmx, but as the bikes devolve toward bmx bikes and get less efficient (26in wheels, silly gear ratios, big tires) thats becoming a moot point.

    I definitely understand that there’s some reward in the challenge, but if thats the case people are going to have to stop bitching about a BMXer showing them up.

  • Alex FTW

  • Tyler Johnson

    Steven rules. He shreds BMX and shreds fixed. He has been riding for like 8 or 9 months, so I know he definitely didnt just switch to become popular on the internet…. stupid point. Anywho the dude is super chill! Thats all that matters.

  • you guys are ridiculous. Who cares if he doesn’t use foot retention, how he wears a hat, if his bike creaks, or how high his seat it… What sucks about you guys is how you all get wrecked over things you’ll most likely be doing in a few months.

    He’s a good rider on a fixed gear and a bmx. Personally Im not sure why he enjoys doing these tricks more on his fixed gear, but thats up to him. and he kills either way…

    alex i dont think anyone on the internet is going to read that book you wrote.

  • Keep

    This kid is already sponsored ;)

  • SandCrab

    Sick man, just sick. This kid gets me pumped up to try new tricks, and he’s definitely adding something to the sport. Who cares about how long someone’s been riding or what tricks they can land on what gear? The personal satisfaction of doing something you couldn’t do yesterday is the best feeling ever. It’s all about having a good time on your bike. I appreciate seeing more skilled riders because it gives you something to work towards, not hate on. Keep on keepin on Mr Jensen!

  • ct justin

    not hating he’s good just think its weird about not having your seat up high enough to ride around on.

  • I liked watching this edit. There were a lot more linked tricks, a conspicuous lack of shitty barspins, and some BMX style “new” tricks that were done with style.

    In 1998, as a BMXer at the local summer ramp park, I took a pair of demo Rollerblade trick skates for a week. Then I entered a contest. I got 2nd. I retired from rollerblading.

    Fixed gear is different in that even the most “impractical” fixed bike is still going to be better for getting around town on. BMX riders rarely see cycling as a viable form of transportation; that’s the beauty inherent in a fixed bike – and hopefully one people will pick up on after trying it out.

    A shitty conversion is what got me hooked on riding fixed. Shortly after that I built a new BMX and learned to manual – something I’d avoided in my earlier years. Riding this bike, riding numerous track bikes, they push each other. I bought a mountain bike this year, and have been riding it and my BMX twice a week each, pushing the skills on both sides.

    Seeing people complain about Jensen’s seat height is kind of silly… do you see people complaining about Wonka’s seat height? Or all the Japanese guys? No. I ride the North Shore on a steel hardtail XC bike. I ride to the top and lower my seat for the descent. It’s just easier to do gnarly shit with a lower seat. You think Darren Berrecloth gives a fuck? The fact that you can learn tricks easier with a lowered seat does not mean the seat can never be raised to ride around otherwise. And I will beat you up the mountain. ;)

  • cs

    the argument over seat height is stupid. Its way easier to go big with a slammed seat, and it takes less then 10 seconds to adjust to “correct” riding position when cruising to spots or long distance.

  • beaver

    im just being honest.

    any bmx rider that is that good can jump on a fixed gear and do the same shit.

  • wore people are getting gnarly in here. I think that the edit was pretty solid. Whats the big deal, hes not pissing on your bed.

    Keep it up Steven, come to NYC.

  • P.S.

    Not all bmxers can switch over and kill, you have to have it in you anyways. I ride with tons of bmxers who don’t understand it, but clearly there are some who get down, and step the game up. Its all good to me, makes kids go harder, hahaa.

  • steven jensen

    yo! sure ive been riding bmx for years and can relate it to fixed when it comes down to learning tricks. i hope you guys arent complaining about all this. because the things im doing on fixed are really just my bmx tricks.

    i dont feel like i could get on fixed and do all the spinny stuff on the back wheel. i never learned it on bmx.

    if your the fixed rider that can do all the spinny stuff on your back wheel from fakie. then go try it on bmx, after a few months i bet you will land it.. i would never complain about you learning a new trick on bmx..

    anyways i just love riding fixed and shouldnt have to ask for permission from that haters before posting videos. thanks to everyone who enjoys these edits by the way. =]

    sorry if this doesnt make much sence.. im trying, but ive been drinking.. its raining outside today haha

  • steven is legit. zlog word is bond, bing bong. hate it till you make it folks.

  • ronnie

    This guy rules!! I thought bikes were bikes just ride what you wanna ride its still a bike its a free country I’m just giving my two cents into this though I’m late. Personal preference is what matters most I mean when I go to spots where its crowded like battery park etc there are bmxers skaters there and when they do their shit people get excited and watch but when I do my shit people just stare or smile or ask dumb questions but someone said on here that some people just don’t understand hah but I’m stoked nonetheless no matter that it seems most kids who ride fixed can do the same tricks I can do and anyone else can do that’s why we all gotta get super gnar and get super street and use our surrondings,perfect example grime edit and this too but yeah enough tom lamarche was the one guy who got me stoked riding back when he had the pink deep vs and prolly too when he had his white ones and I still ride fixed cause I love it I ride fixed for the fixed you know the fixed cog and I feel like I’m a bike! You can’t really get that when riding bmx or mtb whatever and I ride bmx too but its the fixedness man that’s got me hooked

  • ronnie

    Ps not sure if I stated this but in my other comment I stated that most kids can all do the same trick as the next that why you have to get super gnar and super street and use your gnar surroundings perfect example grime edit and this too. The streets!they’re the truth and they watch too I read somewher about it being called a type of street bike haha I dunnoo

  • andre muthafuckin kivijarvi

    got steve in the back rapping some big l lyrics
    ohhhhh nooo
    thats it

  • yo Steven the south bay supports you, keep doing what you’re doing bro-ham! all bullshit aside, i know you love what you’re doing and hater’s should expect to see him around for awhile. get used to it, or get out,plain and simple.., there’s no room for negativity in our scene. we don’t care about your played out opinion on what we do on our bike’s.we’re having fun, your hate wont stop nothing, don’t tread on us.

  • matt

    steven. don’t listen to these fools. they’ve been sippin on a little too much hatorade. you kill it. i’ve watched this video almost everyday. it gets me jacked to go out and ride. who the fuck cares how high your seat is. you should just slam it in the next video. just so everyone gets pissed. reading about them bitching is kinda funny. they’re just jealous that they cant do 180 wall tap 180s. that shit was flowey. keep up the riding. put out more edits. much love

  • jermm

    So apparently were all haters for realizing that any 2nd rate bmxer can start riding fixed and be sweet ina week. Its a video of 180s and bar spins like his last 2 or 3 edits. He is sweet at what he does. Rips those 180s and barspins and all that good stuff. I think I’d rather watch a bmx video than this.

  • ben


    this is absolutely awesome, and what i was waiting for as far as a breakthrough in fixed trick riding.. It gives me hope that in the next two to three years we’ll see people with a more intense control of these big frame bikes.

    To all the d-bags who dissed on his bike: EFF you. My bike isn’t the best but i go out and push it every day. And my style is probably wack in your eyes. And I’m 29, and my grammar hasn’t been perfect in this post.

    Find whatever joke you want to make assholes. this guy rips, and probably better than you.


    Dude rides a chainless BMX bike too, so the fuck what about how he rides anything else? that 180 wall 180 was solid, way to go Steven