Premiere Paris Trick Contest Photos Mar 29, 2010

Photo via Soundtrack Paris’ Flickr

Looks like the this turned out really well. Soundtrack Paris’ Flickr set from the Premiere trick contest are right here. Some really good ones in the bunch and I especially liked this one. The look on the photographer’s face is priceless!

Thanks to Soundtrack Paris for the heads up!

Premiere Street Contest

  • Yeah John,
    The guys loved it, i received tons of positive feedbacks on the contest. The Frenchs have been bitten up by the Dutchs (Congrats to Ruudie and Roy) from Heidoven and Rotterdam who have made the trip down to Paris. Next time we’ll expect to see you maybe ;-) and some other fellows from the community as we ‘ll make it international!
    He had so much fun indeed!!!

    NB: The photographer, Tito, just let us know he was so surprised that he could grab his camera and shoot