Philly Mix Tape 2 Mar 9, 2010

Philly Mix Tape 2 from Drew Leshko on Vimeo.

Damn damn damn. That last gap was sick! Quick lil edit from the Philly crew. I think I even saw Jeremiah in there too.

Philly Mix Tape

  • whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! i’ve seen dudes on bmx hit that gap, but i guess i didnt consider tom hitting it fixed, that shit was absurd

  • Was Tom using the stairs for a landing?

  • Kyle, dunno if you remember the urban MTB videos that had guys doing that back in the 90’s. Not sure if it was intentional or not. I’ma assume that he intended to clear it and he’ll probably go back and do so.

    Regardless, I’d pay money to watch you try that on your BMX.


  • FUCK YEA!!!! Shits awesome! I got a job offer in Philly, makes me even more stoked!!! Word up!

  • Bill

    i remember seeing Josh Stricker doing that gap in the Little Devil video Criminal Mischief and thought that was nuts. All my fellow BMX friends would probably hate me for saying this but seeing it fixed is even crazier! haha

  • I would definitely do it if I was getting paid.

  • tyler johnson

    That gap at the end was the sickest thing I have seen on a fixed gear. Awesome. So pumped.

  • bitchslap

    shiver my timbers!