Packed and Ready for Tokyo Mar 2, 2010

Well, everything’s packed and we’re heading to the airport in a few minutes. Tomorrow I’ll be in Tokyo to ride, party and hang out with friends. Hit me up if you wanna hang out!

  • I’m currently in Tokyo right now! hit up my email or my website and let’s go out I am currently without bike, though!

  • Ed

    damn, you lucky mofo…weren’t you just there?! :thumbup:

  • chris

    Setting up a Prolly is not Probably branch in Tokyo are we??!!!

  • Craig

    Prolly, what kind of carrying case is that? and do airlines charge you ridiculous overages for carrying a bike?

  • how is it that youre always going to tokyo!?
    anyway, what kind of bike bag do you use?

  • Jerry Hill

    Rockin those Sun MTX’s! How they holding up?

  • i’m in tokyo right now also, anyone know where w-base is? i cant find the address.

  • tdhk

    think its for the mishka store all