NYTimes’ City Room Unmasks Bike Snob’s True Identity Mar 29, 2010

Photo by John Francis Peters for the NY Times

I’ve had multiple opportunities to meet Bike Snob NYC in person over shots of whiskey and beer at various establishments in NYC. I even helped him fix his panniers once (sounds dirty doesn’t it?). One thing that he’s always told me was he’d reveal his identity to the masses when his book is published. The New York Times beat him (and everyone else for that matter) to the punch in a recent City Room blog entry.

If you’ve ever wanted to know the name of the man who pissed you off or made you laugh, check out the article here.

  • chris sans

    Dudes name is Eben? thats pretty awesome. did anyone else catch the yiddish graffiti blurb last week? the “ALL YOU HATERS SUCK MY BALLS” post? i haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

    so thank you Eben. i hope to one day sight you. ill look for a dude in a beat ass pair of dickies on a ridiculous bike.

  • d.patrick

    I thought it was the wall street journal that actually broke the story and revealed the snobs identity?

  • is that how you cats train for CX in NYC?

  • Rex

    Total hipster

  • Crafty

    Awesome. Hopefully he won’t have to censor himself too much after this.

  • That’s a great photo.

  • Rui

    Yup, CX in NYC is Concrete Cross!

  • Santiago Belmont

    wow, thats lame, i dont even wanna look at the photos. hes a great blogger. probably a great cyclist too..

  • Technically, he outed himself, so neither get bonus points for the scoop handed to them.