New Shifterbikes Storefront Mar 22, 2010

Melbourne’s top wheel-builder and all-around bike-porn enabler, Dan, has moved his shop, Shifterbikes, to a new location. The new store has some gems on display, showing you what they’re capable of over there. For a brief synopsis of Dan’s endeavors, Andy at Fyxomatosis did this little write-up:

Dan specializes in wheel builds, high end servicing of road, track and mountain bikes, and tackling (with finesse) projects that your average bike shop will not.

Read more over at Fyxomatosis. That’s one nice Motorola. That doesn’t say Phil Anderson on the toptube does it? More on that later…

  • Q.V.

    I would love to check out the site but I couldn’t figure out how to make that terrible music stop so I just closed the window.

    Auto playing music on websites is such a bad idea.
    At least put a stop button right at the top.

  • Dan

    There is.

    It’s called the mute button.