Nemesis Project: Plymouth Supermoly Trackfighter Mar 8, 2010

Brad at Nemesis Project just announced the completion of the first set of Plymouth Supermoly Trackfighter frames. As an introductory offer, each frame will retail at $500 USD. After this initial run, the retail will be set at $600.

Check out more details below.

Details from the Nemesis Project blog:

We are also offering our new Plymouth supermoly Trackfighter frames for $500 introductory offer, suggested retail will be $600.00. These are available in White, RAW and custom colors upon request. The Plymouth Trackfighter frame features USA made Plymouth supermoly main tubes, Integrated 45×45 headset, MID BB standard. Frame accepts 40c+ tires front and rear, minimal BB drop for easier spins and quicker acceleration for big street tricks and polo sprints.

$500 for a hand-made in the US frame ain’t bad. Thanks for the email Brad!