NAHBS Weekend Edit: Part 1 Mar 2, 2010

NAHBS WEEKEND | PART 1 – THE STREETS from Mike Schmitt on Vimeo.

This is jam-packed with great riding from all the heads in the fixed freestyle scene. Ledges, hips, drops and gaps. Even some 16″ shredding. Makes me wish I could have gotten into town earlier on Friday!

Via Trick Track

  • Daniel Lin

    Cool vid, but does anyone know where media from the alleycat friday night can be found? There’s one somewhat low quality video on youtube, I guess everyone else is still recovering from this weekend, haha. (grrrr classes)

  • That hand shit covering the lens is fucking corny.

  • To be honest about media coverage on the MASH race Friday night. At first their were TONS of coverage at the start but Mash didn’t really know what they were doing with these check points and how it was going to be covered. Granted they were fast as hell and everyone but I remember one of the check points was in the ghetto in an alley or something and one guy was waiting and no one wanted to stand and cover it their. Don’t get me wrong there are tons of photos and videos that will surface but idk.

  • Ashamed

    RVA kids are shit talkers,they need to check themselves for real

  • c’mon

    ^lol umad

  • Every one I met in RVA was super mellow. Cutthroat dudes let me chill in there spot which was awesome. Dudes on the BMX who were killing it were mad cool. You are probably saying that because they made a couple of jokes about the fixed, bmx wars. He was ragging on me for having a track bike. Anyways, I agree that the mash race was a bit short and un-organized.

  • fred

    the pegs are bank. wonka!! the pegs are back =/

  • “That hand shit covering the lens is fucking corny.”

    Its called marking your clips. Makes life a million times easier when you’re capturing footage although I will admit he didn’t hold it for long enough.

  • middleclass

    Shit just got real.

  • Ted

    shit is real tho.

  • heavy shit. look Wonka at 1:55 how he put his feet into straps haha. it’s magic