Monster Track XI Recap Mar 8, 2010

Photo by Hana Tahirovic

Tons of reports are flying all over NYC regarding Monster Track XI. Some are saying it was a cluster fuck of madness while others are just now waking up from the all-weekend event. Since I wasn’t there, you’ll have to read up on NYC Massive about the race.

Looks like Super Ted was having a blast.

Monster Track XI Schedule and Events
Bishop Cycles for Monster Track XI
Monster Track XI

  • Richard

    haha im pretty sure this pic was taken right after my boy gave ted ten bucks to go buy a few beers for us and himself. he was pretty stoked and just took off running down the bike lane and eventually took to running straight down the middle of grand to find a deli ha

  • ladyrachel

    i overheard two different conversations today from random people about how epic super ted was this weekend…good job ted!

  • Alex B

    Oh man, I have to upload a video of Ted having to cut through the rack by Affinity with a power saw b/c he lost the key to his u-lock.

  • Brian

    He also sawed off a fence rail to free his bike, tried to use the BMW lathe on a lock ring, and possibly signed up for the race with out knowing it. All of this while being drunker than I have seen any person, ever. Super Ted is super indeed.

  • I think he had a blast, such a good guy!

  • t-bone

    I’m glad he’s gone!

  • Kenny C

    This was taken right before he hopped on the back of a trike sitting at a red light…the guy lost it on him :)