Milwaukee Messenger Invitational 9 Mar 27, 2010


It’s getting closer to the Milwaukee Messenger Invitational 9. Everyone’s invited, so if you can make it, do so! Here’s a link to the Facebook event page.

  • sebastian

    A stupid question: I’m in chicago and is my first time in america with my bike. Can I go by train? or just in a bus and put the bike in front? Thanks.

  • Not a stupid question at all!
    You can take Amtrak but it might be cheaper to take Megabus. they make you take your front wheel off your bike but it doesnt cost extra.
    On another note…. There will (literally) be a school bus coming up from chicago. The Cuttin Cruiser. Post something on the Facebook page and see if you can catch a ride with someone!
    Hope that helps!


  • shyam

    I dunno man, were you invited?