Merckx Mondays Mar 8, 2010

Photo by Andy White

Today’s Merckx Mondays comes from the land down under. Andy at Fyxomatosis always has the sickest projects in the works. Most of which include vintage Eddy Merckx bicycles. A recent project for a friend of his merited something classic to be converted to a fixed gear. What better bike to convert than a Merckx Professional (personally, I’d rather see it with a Super Record Strada group, but that’s me).

Check out some more shots, including some polished porn below.

Photo by Andy White

Andy always finds vintage pornography to display under his cycling porn. How bout a nicely polished Cinelli stem with Eddy Merckx pantography?

Photo by Andy White

Here’s some beautifully-polished Nuovo Record brake levers.

Photo by Andy White

The frame for the job; a 58cm Eddy Merckx Professional.

Photo by Andy White

Here’s the completed build. Not so bad right? Even for a conversion. I agree with Andy on this one, if his friend gets tired of riding it as a conversion, he’s 90% there to riding a complete (and sexy) Strada build.

Check out the entire story (and more photos) of this build project over at Fyxomatosis. For the full slideshow of the build, click here.

Thanks for the photos once again Andy!

  • wat

    Is it really a fixie with 2 brakes?

  • yo, some small-footed person should benefit from this ebay auction‘s misspelling of merckx’s last name.

  • yo didn’t really just call that Merckx a “fixie”…
    Seen plenty of my Old Head racer buddies riding fixed gear on their road frames in the winter, good for training and it still rides like your road bike with 2 hoods.

  • Torton

    Cobalto Brakes

  • I have exactly the same bike, uhh, and cool it