Matthew Spencer: Sons of Nothingness Mar 31, 2010

3.27.2010 from Matthew Spencer on Vimeo.

I gotta say, when I saw that you guys used Electric Wizard’s “Son of Nothingness” I was a little nervous. That’s a serious song to use in an edit. Then I saw who was in the video and I felt a lot more confident. Matthew Spencer put up an edit from the Death Pedal 2 premiere (remember Gus’ nose pick?) and it’s filled with a lotta great riding. Dudes are definitely pushing the peg thing over there on the Left Coast. City Grounds has a good team for sure. Keep rolling guys!

Dave Beard: Gus Molina Nose Pick

  • Peter Squadrito

    haha the best was the mini wonka

  • aj

    from skids to pegs, who’d a thunk it

  • I love Electric Wizard, but my opinion it doesnt work for an edit like that… it just does not connect to the images. Watching it was like when I turn off the sound from videos to keep hearing my winamp playlist…

  • charles bronson

    Good riding, but the wizard certainly does not fit.

    Call me a purist,but the location or whatever is too bright and happy.

    Leave the this music for reefer covered altars at black masses.