Massan Fluker for Leader Bikes Mar 22, 2010

Massan for Leader Bike from Dan Arel on Vimeo.

Spinning out, no-footed skitching and general goodness. Massan‘s new edit for Leader Bikes came out so fresh. I’ve always said that he’s one of the few people who make bombing hills look smooth and flowy; like downhill skiing or snowboarding. So smooth. Don’t miss the last part either! I’m guessing this one was shot by the Macaframa guys?

Via DNA Fixed

Massan on Macaframa

  • Ribs

    Last part made me nervous for his life.

  • antihero1972

    hell yeah, sick video he is for sure my favorite to watch ride, personally much fun to watch that tricks n shit. Yes i too was nervous for the outcome of that last part. damn nuts.

  • Pretty sick Massan.

  • Good one!

  • Marty

    a brake would be less expensive than replacing a pair of Vans…

  • alejandro

    i agree w/ Ribs.
    shit is scary son!
    super sick though.

  • Not sure if this is relevant anymore, but a bunch of commuters are bashing Massan pretty hard for this video over on reddit/r/bicycling. I doubt they have ever seen mash or macaframa, but this sentiment from the commuting population irks me.