Loopwheeler for Nike Sportswear: Bike Hoodie Mar 24, 2010

Loopwheeler teamed up with Nike Sportswear on their Summer 2010 line. One of the key garments in this collection is a so-called Bike-Hoodie. Hopefully 21 Mercer will be getting these in because I wanna see one up close. From the photos Highsnobiety posted, it’s looking pretty sharp!

  • SandCrab

    This is definitely a try before you buy it kinda garment but looks fresh for the most part. The pockets look useful, esp the upper arm one in the other photos. Lil patch kit in there with a CO2 cartridge & my allen key = good to go.

  • dro


    These are already at Mercer street and cost a pretty penny (think upwards of $200.00). I was in NY last week and caught a glimpse of them and I must say the quality is nice but the fabric is a bit thick. Sure would get hot after riding around for a little. But at that price point, I don’t think it’s worth getting.

  • stupid internet

    Pat yoruself on the back. you posted it and now everyone else posted it too. UR all supportin Nike, a sweatshop company who has been tryin to tap into track bikes for years. now they can be more selective with your subjects prolly. you influence everyone.

  • Loopwheeler is made in Japan. Check here

    Yes, Nike uses factories in China, but so does most of the world. Doesn’t make it right or wrong. Even Rapha is made in China and people who speak out against Chinese fabrication still support them! Everyone has free-will. I’m not forcing you to buy this, just showing people what’s out there.

    My 2 cents…

  • tom

    looks kinda cool but

    fuck Nike

  • nerg

    i know its a little late, but any idea where i can pick one of these up?