Laek House: Montano Velo Dixie Conversion Mar 22, 2010

Ethan over at Laek House has been running a disk brake on the front of his Surly Steamroller. Now, with the aid of Montano Velo‘s Dixie converter, he’ll be running one on the rear wheel. With the aid of Seth Rosko, his Surly will have disk mounts on the rear triangle shortly.

Follow the story here, on the Laek House blog.

Broakland Fixed Hub Disk Adapter

  • j

    holy shit. dont know who this dude is, but his flickr is BADASS!!!! WOODEN BOWL.

  • Jerrylikesbikes

    Choppers US has been making this same thing for years. It’s 20 bucks and it works pretty damn good.

  • Alex

    If I remember correctly, AtomLab used to make a disk brake adapter for frames without disk tabs back in the day.

    I did a bit of searching but all I can come up with is this photo from mtbr:

    I think they originally envisioned it as a way to put disk brakes on a bmx, but obviously, that didn’t catch on. This was definitely from the earlyish days of freeride and “urban” mountain biking when about 75% of the products coming out on the market made almost no sense at all.

    Can anyone else involved back then back me up on this?

  • sevem

    I would rather use a double disc hub. Bolt-on cog on one side and disc on the other. It has yet to be made though.

  • Jerrylikesbikes

    Alex: Choppers US still makes a similar plate style adapter for mounting to horizontal drops with no tab. The Atomlab version can also still be found floating around.

    Sevem: Phil Wood makes a dual ISO bolt on hub…