Kris’ Scrambler and My Bruiser Locked Up Mar 29, 2010

Kris and I rode around today in the rain, hitting up some of the local NYC shops. I took a bunch of photos today, which I’ll be posting later but here’s one quick edit before we’re back out the door. When you can’t lock up to a pole, sometimes a roll-down gate’s padlock will work.

Kris also did a lil write-up on Mishka‘s 350 Broadway over at Locked Cog. Go check it out!

  • Really cool looking picture, I’m looking forward to seeing the others!

  • jkelley

    “the new york how” so goes with the idea of the photo, to lock up to something you usually wouldn’t!!! great photo.

  • Thanks guys. Wasn’t sure if people would catch it.

  • justin

    Nice picture! And hey, I just bought a scrambler and ordered a fu manchu fork. I was wondering what kind of barspin clearance Kris has and what kind of fork he’s got on his scrambler.

  • ive got a bruiser fork on there now and it has pretty decent clearance. with the 38c on the front i do have overlap but its definitely manageable.

  • DirtyDave

    That store owner doesn’t want your bikes but he’ll have ’em if he comes by to open up shop.

  • I know the owner of this store and it was only for a minute..