Kegs and Cogs Mar 4, 2010


  • ChicoFixed

    such a good idea!
    sick that its in chico, we’ve been needing more events like this

  • please don’t steal peoples art, it took lots of hours to make that design, Gemma Bayly is the original artist.

  • Dude… Nice graphic design… too bad I know who you jacked it from Denver Mallet Mafia!!! BE ASHAMED! TOOL!

  • amy

    shame on you – design stealer!

  • RyanK

    Lets NOT pretend the Denver Mallet Mafia’s Logo Took HOURS to make! That things looks like 80 percent Clip Art! Build a Bridge FULE!

  • HA! It even says “303”, the Denver area code. Someone once stole the Cycle Jerks logo, art and our html code on myspace. It especially sucks when it’s within the cycling community. Come on guys, would you steal someone’s bike? Then don’t steal their art. Bad karma.

  • Ben!

    If you are going to so blatantly steal a design, maybe you get rid of the area code that doesn’t apply to you?

  • stafford

    If that took hours to make, you have bigger problems than someone stealing your art. Also I thought polo kids were all about the big freewheels. But yeah watch out, the pedal mafia is after you now.

  • And it has the Denver “cash register building” in the skyline. I know Gemma. I don’t know if she spent hours or 2 minutes designing it, but the fact is it is stolen.

  • RyanK

    THE FACT IS the flier is for a “”FUN FIXED RIDE”” its not their new company, they re not making any money from this “”Design””…Gemmas fan club needs to simmer down…or blame it on Photoshop, crybabies.

  • Gemma

    Hey everyone … yeah I did the original DMM logo. I am flattered that the Kegs+Cogs guys thought it would make a nice flier for their little shindig. It definitely took more than a couple of hours RyanK, because its not clip art, its all original vector drawings. So I don’t appreciate your slanderous comments about that being a “big problem”.
    I’m not angry about the logo being stolen art … I would be a lot more pissed if the flier wasn’t completely HORRIBLE and totally irrelevant to Chico, CA. Thanks for the insinuated flattery though!

  • the art is clearly stolen.

    who ever made the second flyer is not original.

    hi jen!

  • biz1904

    well just make sure that none of you buy or use anything that remotely looks like anything anyone ever designed because its stolen art

  • rahja666

    Number one, Gemma is a badass let me remind everyone; and how dare you steal her art without asking for her permission first! Second of all, Ryank, dude bro, very uncalled for. Lastly Stafford, It’s Mallet Mafia not pedal mafia, idi na xuy husesos. Fucker! eat shit.


  • Brian Casper

    Denver Mallet Mafioso, you guys should copyright your logo, then you won’t have to worry about this, or maybe you still will. just a thought.

  • nicholas

    copyright… for a polo club logo… so that other cyclist don’t steal your ish… really? it’s true, that’s what copyright is for, but this is fing weaksauce.

    ryank: i don’t care how much “money is made” at this event, there’s more to an event than monetary profit that’s potentially more valuable… if it’s done right… that’s a big IF when you are yoking other peoples art to get things started.

    biz1904: yes, credit isn’t always given where it’s due and humans have the ability to learn from the work of others so drawing a line between ‘stealing’ and ‘re-working’ can be tricky. but if these cats are going to erase about 5% of someones logo and add in their keg and change the date for their benefit while rudely/incorrectly judging the level of time, energy, skill and effort involved, why didn’t they just spend more time stealing more creativity?: because they have no idea how to come up with their own ish.

    instead of being an jerk, a little: “sorry we stole your image, it wasn’t copyrighted and it looked good/worked for what we were doing” goes a long fing way holmes…

  • jeff left

    people talk so much shit on the internet, but if they were face to face, they wouldnt have SHIT to say. ryank, if we were face to face right now, i’d stomp your fuckin teeth in! you fuckin dickhead, keep your fuckin comments to yourself!