Kaostem: Keep Smiling Mar 1, 2010

The Kaostem is a product with a simple intent; to make you smile. Really clean design and honestly, I think it’s a great idea. Maybe I’ll track one down for the lady while I’m in Japan this week. Can’t really dig any information out of their site. Maybe someone can tell us where to get one?

  • sean

    I want one!

    Translation: “KAOSTEM is made in Japan. This design is our original. It is a product testing now. Kaostem has not been sold yet. Because it is a stage of the examination, now, the sale schedules the spring of 2010. The specification is fixed as a result of the examination, the sales price is decided, and wait for making public for a while, please. I am glad to guide it by this blog when the sale preparation is complete if it is possible to inspect it attentively.”

  • U

    HALLO, HALLO!! from Tokyo!

    KAO STEM PRODUCTION Will drop it in middle of March 2010!!

    and first lot are only 30 pieces!

    you guys ask about KAOSTEM from here
    this is their “contact us” form


    Anyways “KAO” means “face” in Japanese!



  • http://ameblo.jp/kaostem/ 230$ for that face

  • I have them in store…. right now about 3 different colors, but can custom order any….it will be easier for everyone to get them once I upload them to my online store…. they are pretty funny….they look cool when hooked up to a high riser bar, that makes them look like a little guy with his arms up in the air….!
    The guy who makes them is very old friends of Ken who makes Metallico dildo bars/super drops etc… and I am trying to get them to put together a kaostem/dildo bar combo for a good price…..