Jamil Kayin – “Life Is Sweet” ft. a Fuji Track Pro Mar 31, 2010

“With the gold Velocities on the Track Pro fixie” (1:25 mark). Hey, at least he’s not rapping about Hummers and cars. Jamil Kayin is a hip hop artist who incorporates track bikes into his songs and even his street fliers.

Check out a street flier, seen on the streets of Philly below.


Next up, Kanye and Pharrell actually riding their bikes in their videos. It always starts in the streets I guess!

Thanks to Jeff Eng for the heads up on this one!

  • JA

    Whoa. I’ve seen this guy biking around philly — I only remember because the red/gold color combo on the track pro is pretty sick. I didn’t know he’s a rapper.

  • The good thing about track bikes/fixed gear culture taking off and becoming mainstream is there are so many references to it in the media (i.e.commercials and raps) we don’t have to like them all.

  • sau

    haha, the song was so bad. but no worse for wear then anything else on the market. the “give hipsters a brake” t-shirt on a brakeless “fixie” was cute.


    i believe he races @ trexler

  • straypig

    I didn’t listen to rap songs for a while (they all sounded much the same to me). Found *this* song to be very refreshing. Track bikes are an added bonus.

  • CC

    Not bad, actually.

  • Damn, this kid got swagger!

  • Craig

    I actually really like the song. However, I’d be terrified to wear white pants with my bike…seeing as all my jeans have permanent grease stains on the right cuff.

  • wilis

    Ummm anybody remember this guy fucking with brians Vanilla in Philly? A bic pen to the old U lock. Not really that down.

  • Vas

    i love hiphop and i’m definitely not a fan of this song.

  • Jairo

    This song still sucks no matter what he´s rappin´ about. I prefer the P.O.S

    ¨Road cycle kid with the grip to skid fixies, A rogue wild kid that let´s it roll like whatever.¨


  • chris

    Bad. . . SO Bad. . .

  • Kayce

    Jamil is a Cat 3 track racer and a cat 4 road racer, and a really good dude.

  • He’s cat 1 (to hear him tell it anyway) road and is the weirdest dude I’ve ever met.

  • truth

    Wilis speaks the truth. dude is not a nice guy. matter of fact he im not sure any messenger in philadelphia likes him.

  • CC

    Much better, and entitled “Bikes”:


  • Yo thanks for the public awareness lads…

    Whatup messengers?!!? You guys sure are grumpy!!!
    Guess what!!!??? I’ve never so much as CONSIDERED stealing anyones bike, bike parts or property in general so squash all that noise. If you wanna talk about it I’m here for you!!! I’ll walk you through it. You are full of nonsense, no facts. And I think I have atleast a handful of comrades who courier. You guys are also really SLOW : )

    Yes I’m Cat 1 on the road – Cat 4 on the track cause I just started…
    The info is on USA cycling.
    Anyone who actually knows me, knows I’m a stand up lad. You grumpy messengers are way too slow and too poor to be so prideful, please keep the lies off my name…
    PEACE and LOve and All

    Yours Truly – Jamil Kayin (More Songs Coming : )