Gravis Hobo Messenger Bag Mar 23, 2010

At first I thought this was a typical shoulder-slung messenger bag. Then I noticed the world champion insignia and the chainring. From the looks of things, Gravis is trying to tap into the cycling market. Freshness has a feature up with the bag’s details, so head over and check it out. Personally, I think this needs a lot of work, especially if it has world champ stripes, but whatever.

  • Charles Schoen

    Sorry, but deffinate fail

  • hey man dont hide your enthusiasm.
    “I guess I’ll post this but I’m not happy about it”
    haha, It’s a bag, nothing special…

  • Hey, someone will like it. Also, if they decided to do a legitimate “messenger / city” bag, then this will be a good post to compare it to. Like Incase did… Remember their first messenger bags? Horrible. Their new stuff is 1000x nicer.

  • At a minimum, I’m happy that these bags are getting attention. I know you’re not a huge fan of bags, but seeing fixed gear culture getting injected into pop culture makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside

  • dag

    Relax people, it’s a “messenger bag,” not a bag for messengers. Looks a lot like the Timbuk2 stuff. Messenger style for the coffee shop jocks.