Goldsprint Track Frames Mar 18, 2010

Alex from dropped me an email yesterday with a few photos of his new track frame attached. The Goldsprint track frames are as he describes:

“Handbuild in a traditional way with lugs and made of finest Columbus Zona tubing with a short and agressive track geometry”

Check out more detail photos on his Flickr and more information on Goldsprint here.

  • owen

    other than the rear dropouts that looks a lot like the alien frames. which isn’t a bad thing considering it’s made of better tubing.

  • Chuck

    That frame looks gorgeous! It seems like they skimped on the seatstay bridge though. A nice lugged bridge would have finished the rear triangle beautifully.

  • The seatstay bridge is exactly the way I wanted it to have. There are a lot of frames with lugged bridges and I wanted it this way because I had an olmo track frame where it was done this way. I like it very much, but as said thats just the basic version, if someone wants something differrent we can do that on a custom bike…

  • alejandro

    too slick.