Gabby and Christina’s Stair Gaps Mar 16, 2010

Photos by Keith Teket and Rick Anderson

I have to say, this is pretty fucking rad. Christina from Bmore Fixed and Gabby from Milwaukee hitting some stairs. Gabby’s recent blog entry on her Charge Diary has a brief story about her doing a 4-stair gap and Cristina’s entry to the Pikey Bags x Headset Clothing x Prolly is not Probably Give-Away has her hitting this 4-stair in downtown Baltimore. I watched Christina fall hard four or five times in Richmond trying to do a wallride. She ate shit so many times and still got back up to go for it again. Tough girl!

These ladies are putting in their work. Keep at it!

Bmore Fixed: Christina Panteliodis
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    Prolly, do you have any pics of Christina from white walls?