FOES Street Rods Mar 31, 2010

FOES is a mountain bike company who began making flat bars for the “fixie” crowd. Their flat bars are called Street Rods and I’ve never seen anything like them before. When I was in Milwaukee, the guys at Bens showed them to me and my first thought was that it was some kind of paintball gun. Kidding of course, but really, why have handlebars that can unscrew from the stem? Sure, maybe if you can screw-on some drops or bullhorns, the novelty might make more sense, but all I see now is a simple product made complicated through extra machining and topped off with some conical ends, resembling a weapon.

Even though the bar-ends also come in a much safer, rounded end, producing pointy bar ends seems like an impalement waiting to happen. That’s my main complaint. I’m sure someone somewhere will dig them, but they’re also too narrow for my “fixie”.