Flat Fix 2010 CM1 Mar 14, 2010

flat fix 2010 CM1 from jun iwai on Vimeo.

The Flat Fix crew has started to ride pegs and are putting them to work on ledges and rails in Tokyo. Mostly in Shibuya and Harajuku, the guys take their pegs to the guard rails that line the street.

  • aj

    maybe its just me, but pegs should stay on bmx. it looks dumb

  • I agree. I don’t like them at all…

  • Rui

    I remember posting a comment a few months ago asking when people were going to start riding pegs on 700 cmx bike. I mean the way the shit is leaning toward full out bmx on big wheeled bikes, it was only a matter if time.
    The pegs may look dumb but they are functional so I got no problem with it.

  • I agree looks dumb , but most Fixed gear tricks look pretty silly, (not saying they are easy) doesn’t mean they should stop having fun. skateboarding looked dumb for the first ten years too, as did snowboarding. I hope they don’t give it up, just because it looks dumb. Plus Just think, you could ride doubles, and you could step on them and coast down the Williamsburg bridge.

  • I’m still on the fence about them. Sometimes they’re put to use and other times it just looks goofy as hell. It’s not like pegs are a new phenomenon either (which debunks the “early in the sport” argument). Pegs on fixed gears just looks weird and that’s coming from someone who’s supported fixed freestyle for some time now.

    People are going to 26″ wheels now too – add pegs and you might as well ride a fixed DJ bike. Especially when you throw the slammed saddles into the mix.

    Experimentation is rad and all, but I think people will eventually circle back around to pegless riding. Who knows though? I would like to see a fakie feeble or something that uses the fixed drivetrain. Is that even possible?