Fixin’ to Die Trailer Mar 19, 2010

Fixin’ To Die Trailer from EndlessScummer on Vimeo.

Nice mixtape-style project coming from Philly. Dubbed “Fixin’ to Die” the full length should be out soon. If it weren’t for Philly, it’d be hard to tell where the fixed freestyle would be today. Some nice lines in there.

Via Locked Cog

  • vin_e


  • dag

    Guess spellcheck in iMovie is asking for a lot.

  • perspective

    confirmation that drinking, crack-cocaine, running around naked, hurting people, and lighting things on fire is the cool thing to do now in that certain bike scene in philly.

    what a shame.

    man what a sad world we live in where such things are considered cool.

    yet many people in that same scene would look at what they perceive to be a hippy or whatever and hate on them. which is odd to me because, when did peace, love and understanding become a bad thing?

    tony? tom? others?

  • “I’m from Illadel the land where the killas dwell”

  • Rot

    uh oh watch out now coool kids drinking beer like its hard. seriously?

  • shittyben

    oh im sorry i thought this was america. while you cry im gonna go try to OD and ride my bike and hopefully piss off wayyy more people.

  • aj

    delco loves crack

  • FGFB: Fixed gear freebase

  • Smokestacks

    In that trailer, I saw no one from “that” scene doing any drugs, running around naked, or lighting anything on fire actually. We don’t hurt anyone, we get hurt riding our bikes….I don’t do drugs myself, and occasionally drink.A few of us just happen to live thoroughly entertaining live, and I’m always there to catch it on film. I have nothing against hippies, or anything positive for that matter. Have you ever seen Bone Deth? Banned in Orlando? War? any FBM video? People live different lifestyles, just because it’s something you don’t agree with or do doesn’t make it stupid.

  • Casey Talesfore

    It doesnt exist anymore

  • PHLthy Rich

    “I dont give a fuck. never have, never will. my only concern is how to live it up.”

    thats how we live. not everyone wants to be bored and worry about things we cant fix. were not forcing you to party or talkin shit. We just wanna live.

  • shittyben

    not true ronnie does drugs, hippies can suck it, and that was a puker not just simply drinking beer. i dont know if youve been informed but dirty party pukers are about as party as it gets.

  • anyone else find it ironic that a straight edge band (minor threat) is the tune to a video of dudes smoking out of beer cans?

  • PHLthy Rich